February 23, 2024


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Gers: Tragedy of the English of Lecturois at the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II

Gers: Tragedy of the English of Lecturois at the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II

Englishmen settled near the lecture testify to their grief at the announcement of the death of the Queen of England.

Many English people stay or live in the lecture hall and the death of Queen Elizabeth II has caused great emotion in this community. An Englishman, staying to lecture at a wedding, confirms that she is “a very good queen”. It’s sad, but it’s natural; She died peacefully.” John, on vacation with his friends at a lecture, got the news on his mobile phone like everyone else and said to himself, “It’s so sad, it’s terrible for the country.”

Laura and Alice, 23, whose parents had a house in the lecture, said they were “very sad. Admittedly, she’s 96 and it has to happen, but the news hurts a lot of people. Now there’s a lot of change coming.

A lot of emotions for Karen Beck, an Englishman who lives in Jerez since 2004 and runs a real estate company: “I came to France in 1989. Thatcher was in power, Princess Diana was alive and still married to Prince Charles. The Channel tunnel was not yet built. Without the Internet, in the newspapers from my country , I received the news two days late (delivery time) at the Saint-Lazare station. I had been in France for many years, with a French passport, and was certainly more ‘republican’ in my mind than when I was growing up in the north-west of England”.

“A Little Lost”

However, she “feels curiously sad, even a little lost. Grief. There is no other word. I’ve been in tears since yesterday. “It’s ridiculous, it’s not your grandmother, it’s all the same,” I say to myself. We must believe so… she is her subjects. Grandma to all. It’s like the last frontier of possibility has been reached. We’ve mourned Brexit, mourned the European dream, experienced everything and anything with the Johnson years, Covid, war in Europe this year, and now the Queen is ignoring us. No more TV for Christmas, we’ve been haunted since childhood. Leading tradition. More symbols. My grandparents had a large picture above their fireplace of the Queen on her wedding day, and they are royals at heart. Today, far from England, here in Gascony, I have a picture of Queen Elizabeth II above my fireplace. Even though there is no picture, I realize that she was always in my heart.

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