July 22, 2024


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Girondins4Ever publication, as he currently speaks English he will also learn French”

Girondins4Ever publication, as he currently speaks English he will also learn French”

(Photo by Romain Perrocheau/FEP/Icon Sport)

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100% GirondinsFormer Girondins de Bordeaux striker, Herve Pagnet, looking back at the start of the FCGB season. Could this win against Annecy be a trigger?

“What if the problem was in the head, if there was a trigger? I’ll answer this question in a few matches because it’s just, in quotes, a match… So, it’s good, we won, I’m not saying the opposite, but let’s see if there will be an Albert Riara effect. OK in a few matches. I think we can think about 7-8 matches at Paris FC next weekend… If we make a mistake at Paris FC next weekend, it will be a positive note for once… This win against Annecy should be good for everyone, especially our attackers. I know this position a little bit, it’s true that when you don’t score in the first 3-4-5 league games, you start to suspect that the team’s results are not good…he is needed. One click, and it includes working on training. The guys also need to work a lot in front of goal… Against Annecy, the attackers did the job and I believe they will acquit themselves in their heads.

John Wibotnik Can he finally be freed?

“He scored two, he gave one away… It’s true he’s stingy with balls, he’s stingy with running into space. I’ve seen him many times since the start of the season and I think he can bring a lot to this team. We saw him in that match, he I hope he will free himself, I hope he will also learn French as he speaks English for now… And in communicating in a group, he should try to speak French, which is very important. But I think I can do it… Now, a Not only him as a striker but all the guys have to work hard.

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