June 17, 2024


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Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney spark rumors of an affair amid steamy CinemaCon chemistry

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney spark rumors of an affair amid steamy CinemaCon chemistry

wGot some fiery drama from the cast Glen Powell And Sydney Sweeneywho recently introduced and will be working together in the R-Rated romantic comedy “Anyone but youStory based on Shakespeare He plays, ‘Much Ado About NothingBoth actors apparently took charge Australia During the filming of the film, they produced multiple interactions with photos and videos that perfectly depict their impressive chemistry. But there is a catch, they both have relationships and one of them still has one. Glen Powell’s Long Distance Girlfriend Gigi Paris Just broke up with Glenn, according to the people. The entrepreneur also stopped following up Sydney Sweeney on Instagram and sparked more rumors.

Another issue is the fact that Sweeney She actually works with a restaurant owner Jonathan DavinoHe proposed again in 2022. There has been no indication of the engagement being revoked yet. However, the many interactions between Powell and Sweeney leave very little to the imagination. like CinemaCon Taking place this week, the couple attended the event to promote their movie and showed that their fiery chemistry is still going strong. Multiple videos of them on the red carpet and other places that have it all.”tranceSpeaking of fans Cassie Feelings from Sweeney. Just by looking at the way they looked at each other, one could see that something had definitely happened.

Fans don’t know how to feel about Sweeney and Powell

The most striking of these interactions is between Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney They come from their fans. Not many agree with the actress and how she behaves in front of Powell. While the others are very disappointed in her for disrespecting her engagement to Davino. They’re starting to blame her for everything, as if Glen Powell and the natural chemistry between two people had nothing to do with this. No one buys that they are just friends, these photos and videos reveal that they are just friends. Considering they shot an R-rated romantic comedy doesn’t help their cause either.

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