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‘Gran Turismo’ Makes $1.4M In Preview – Deadline

‘Gran Turismo’ Makes $1.4M In Preview – Deadline

Saturday morning: Update for more…Sony Gran Turismo Counting Friday included $5.3 million In previews is another plus $3.2 million Yesterday in pure dollars for the so-called day 8.5 million dollars. This will translate to a $16.5 million Opening weekend. However, National Film Day can see a big rally Barbie – Despite the numbers showing a $4 million Friday, and $15.7 million Sixth weekend. We’ll have a better idea of ​​the pre-sales for Sunday tomorrow.

Warner Bros. still has a really big problem with Sony filling the weekend with more $3.9 million From previews (when you drop $1.4 million Thursday). Gran Turismo, Because in their eyes, no studio had ever done this with such an extensive series of previews. Why is Warner so upset? Because that means Barbie is No. 1, and would be able to count five weekends at No. 1. Many have filled their opening weekends with previews, and competitors see this as common practice, because they’ve done it before (and they don’t) you don’t want to disturb or mirror what was common practice). That’s why some don’t call Sony BS. More importantly, Sony isn’t cranking up ticket sales: It’s right up there on Comscore with preview money included on Friday. They were also presenters in the press where they were doing previews of it Gran Turismo. This is not Angels Studios’ scenario Freedom’s voice, Which many see as its $180.5M domestic haul has been re-reported at around $10M-$20M due to the double counting of distributor side-ticket sales on its web portal (read, seen many distributions out of Comscore numbers Indiana Jones and the Destiny Connection beating Freedom’s voice on its July 4th opening day it went from $11.6 million to $11.1 million (although Angel described the picture’s first day as $14.2 million).

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At the end of the day, did this preview work? Gran Turismo a job? this movie


Midday Friday: Realize that National Movie Day Sunday is a wild card for all movies at the weekend box office, so consider these estimates carefully. It’s already clear that business on National Film Day Sunday will pick up significantly over Saturday, with EntTelligence reporting Sunday ticket advance sales of +700%-plus over Saturday. It could be Warner Bros Barbie Family features will see great heights.

Gran Turismo In 3856 theaters see $8 million For friday that includes in total $5.3 million In previews not only on Thursday, but ten days of previews. The forecast for the weekend is $15 million – $16 million. Explanation here: on ShazamWarners combined this pre-screening money into the picture’s total, so the three days cost $53.5 million for a total of $56.8 million (which means they didn’t collect that money on the picture’s first Friday). While some distributors are sticking with the idea of ​​Sony putting out previews until Friday, others don’t because that’s “code red” (to use a term from Some good men) adopted by many studios in the era of the millennium preview of gross reports: usually upload the money advance to friday. There is nothing unusual here. Come on studios, you start movies on Thursday at 12 noon and you call it Friday.

Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Warner Bros

Now though Barbie In industry estimates see $4 million today and about $15.8 million (-25%) at 3,736 on the weekend, can go crazy on National Movie Day Sunday and end up winning the weekend, even with Gran TurismoAdvance funds included on Fridays and Sundays. on sunday, Barbie Looking forward to standing by 593 million dollars At the end of its sixth weekend, it was $7 million short of the domestic sixth century mark.

Warners has the bragging rights of the third place blue beetle in 3,871 theaters with an estimated 3,871 theaters 3 million dollars On its second Friday, -70%, for an estimated second weekend $10.5 million-58% for an operating total of $44 million. By the way, this second weekend is better than the second weekend Shazam: Wrath of the Gods which made $9.3 million.

worldwide Oppenheimer in 2,872 theaters witnessing Friday the 6th of $2.2 millionand for 3 days $7.8 million (-27%) bringing Christopher Nolan’s total by Sunday to $298.8 millionbecoming his third highest-grossing film on the domestic BO, ahead of beginning ($293 million) and behind The Dark Knight ($530 million) and The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million).

The fifth goes to Paramount Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos with $5.9 million Fourth weekend in 3,145 theaters, -31%, after Friday’s $1.5 million haul. The running total appears to be close $98 million.

Liam Neeson in the movie “Retribution”

Lionsgate/Everett Collection

liam neeson movie roadside, retribution, be seen Million dollars today for 3 million dollars opening weekend in industry expectations at 1,750 theaters. Critics hate it with a rating of 30%, but audiences on RT like it with a rating of 72%.

Friday morning: “You wouldn’t actually allow them to do that, would you?”

Such are the complaints all over the City of Angels from rival distributors about Sony’s public acknowledgment that they previewed it Gran Turismo For the past two weekends, the lagniappe box office will be included in the Friday total.

Yesterday, starting at showtimes at 2pm, the Sony Playstation game got a feature $1.4 million In 3,156 theaters, including PLF and Imax funds. The Neil Blomkamp-directed film took first place this weekend, taking in between $12 million and $15 million in 3,800 theaters.

Sony decided at the end of July at the last minute to move Gran TurismoWide opening from August 11th to August 25th. This was for several reasons: First, to get away from the heat Barpenheimer And also to create word of mouth for a movie that has no stars to promote due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Sony has been transparent with the city about doing previews of it. It’s not always unheard of for a studio to do pre-shows of a movie.

In major markets such as Los Angeles, movie theaters were shown Gran Turismo On Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Two weekends in a row. We’ve heard that preview money has been raised at over $3 million, but Sony hasn’t verified that yet.

As far as those Sony competitors grumble including the cash in this weekend’s total – let them throw the first stone without sin. You all enjoyed your weekends and Fridays with the preview money coming back forever. Welcome! New Line Shazam Back in 2019, it boasted a preview figure of $9.2 million which included a strong showing sponsored by Fandango. Paramount and eOne Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves It made $5.6 million in previews that included Thursday showtimes (starting at 3 p.m.), as well as Amazon sneak peeks among other prequels. This studio was doing pre-shows for Dungeons & Dragons Because they believed in the movie and also wanted to get the word out. Batman The preview number included Tuesday previews of $4 million in the total preview number of $17.6 million in March 2022. I can keep listing and nagging you.

Rotten Tomatoes critics score is now 60% fresh Gran Turismo, However, fans love it: Comscore/Screen Engine Postrak outputs 5 stars for general audience, 5 stars for parents and 4 1/2 kids under 12. Thursday’s audience was seen by 87% of the general public, 6% of parents and 7% of children. The guy leaned at 68% yesterday with the 18-34 range at 50%. Men over 25 (46%) and women over 25 (22%) were the leading test subjects and gave the picture the best scores, respectively, with 90% and 96%. Gran Turismo before a $60 million P&A cost.

How will the second annual National Film Day on Sunday affect the box office? That is the question, and while we will have some pointers soon, the overall verdict will be known on Monday morning. All showtimes for all movies and formats are $4. Who will go?

Dennis Quaid’s faith-based film produced by Briarcliff Entertianment hill I did $110,000 last night in previews. That Picture, along with StudioCanal/Picture Company’s other extensive entries retribution and Bleecker Street Golda It is expected that it will all be done in single digits.

The remaining Thursdays are as follows, in order of Thursday’s total:

  1. Barbie (World Bank) 4,003 Theaters Thursday $2.3M (-10% from Wednesday) Week $31.9M (-40%) Total $577.7M/Week 5
  2. blue beetle (WB) 3,871 theaters Thursday $1.34M (-35%) Week $33.5M/1 week
  3. Oppenheimer (University) 3,321 Theaters Thursday $1.28 million (-4%) Week $16.3 million (-44%) Total $291 million/week 5
  4. TMNT: Mutant Chaos (Parity) 2,312 theaters, Thursday $770K (-14%), Week 12.3M (-46%), Gross $92M/Week 3
  5. electrolytes (University) 3,223 Showrooms Thursday $628K (-9%) Week $11.4M/Week 1