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Grieving mother of murdered vet attacks Manhattan da Alvin Bragg

Grieving mother of murdered vet attacks Manhattan da Alvin Bragg

The The esteemed mother of a US Army veteran who was stabbed to death in a Harlem brawl set off in court on Wednesday against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, accusing the embattled District Attorney of spoiling the case.

Madeleine Bramy yells at Prosecutor Dafna Juran Madeleine Bramy yells at Prosecutor Dafna Juran, “I don’t want to hear anything else, Juran,” as one of the defendants in her son’s murder case got only seven years for his role in the 2018 murder .

“Take those restorative justice bulls and shove them to your ass,” Bram shouted in the Manhattan Supreme Court. “Not to kill.”

The courtroom explosion came when defendant Travis Stewart was awarded a prison sentence of slap in the wrist after pleading guilty to gang assault in a deal he made with Bragg’s office.

Bram’s son, Hasson Correa, 35, is a veterinarian and a married father of three. He was beaten and stabbed to death in 2018 After being jumped by at least four people, including Stewart, during a brawl in Harlem. His 66-year-old father was seriously injured in the melee.

Another defendant, Mary Saunders, spent about a year in prison while the case remained in court before pleading guilty to assault, also as part of a plea bargain, earlier this year.D has no extra prison time.

Hasson Correa, who was seen with his family, was beaten and stabbed to death in 2018.

Prosecutors said her two brothers, James and Chris Saunders, are still in prison, and both will be tried for murder.

Prosecutors said earlier this year that it would be difficult to file a case against Stewart and Mary Saunders.

But the murdered vet’s mother criticized the prosecutor in the case, accusing her of sitting “with her tail between her legs” since she was assigned to her.

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Bramy said that if the original prosecutor in the case, who has since left Prague’s office, was still there” [the defendants] They will go to trial,” predicting that “the jury would have decided that they were guilty.” On the video guide And the 33 witnesses! ”

Travis Stewart
Travis Stewart appears at a bail hearing in his murder case in the death of Goldfinch Correa.
Stephen Hirsch

It also dropped its load on defense attorney Tony Messina.

“Bulls-t! Bulls-t! Bulls-t!” Bram shouted in court. “Take the bulls of Progressive Restorative Justice and shove them into your ass, Messina!”

Bragg’s office indicated that James and Chris Saunders would stand trial when asked for comment.

Prosecutors said that while Stewart, 34, was involved in the fight, he was not part of the melee when James Saunders pulled out a knife and stabbed Correa nine times.

Joran also said during a Mary Saunders hearing earlier this year that prosecutors “do not believe we can prove beyond reasonable doubt that Mary Saunders knew her brother had a knife, or that she shared an intent to kill a goldfinch.”

Alvin Bragg
Bragg has received criticism for his soft crime policies since taking office.
Gabriella Bass

in sting To Bragg and Governor Kathy Hochul earlier this month, Brame criticized the DA for not consulting it before striking plea deals with Stewart and Mary Saunders.

The grieving mother wrote: “My rights as a victim of crime to be fully informed and to be heard have been violated.” “Why are the murder charges against half of the participants dismissed when the murder and their roles were filmed on video?”

In court on Wednesday, Brammy’s pain continued to rise to the surface.

“In the four years I’ve sat through this, I’ve never missed a court date,” she said. “Not once did I see an iota of regret from Mr. Stewart. I saw the smiles, the waving, the kisses like a rock star. Not a single drop!”

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“He took everything from us when he took my son. He took the father of my grandchildren.”