May 19, 2024


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Harry Josie reveals he was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 – here's what to know about the 'scary' disease

Harry Josie reveals he was diagnosed with skin cancer at 26 – here's what to know about the 'scary' disease


Harry Josie was diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 26.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant revealed the shocking health news Tik Tok video On Friday evening, he urged his followers to “wear sunscreen” as summer approaches.

“It's going to be okay, everything's going to be okay,” the Australian-born “Too Hot To Handle” star assured viewers.

“If you're a freckled little frog like me, go get a mole map and get your body scanned, because you'll never know,” he said, adding that he had had the cancerous spot on his shoulder “for a year or two.” “He has no idea.”

The “Too Hot to Handle” star urged his followers to check their skin and apply sunscreen. Getty Images on IMDb (English)

“Go get your skin checked, wear sunscreen and be a little more responsible because this is what I have to do now, and it's very scary,” he added.

His stern warning comes after Kim Kardashian flaunted a tanning booth in her office and Gen Z beauty chasers flocked to the sunbeds claiming they would rather “die hot than live ugly”.

While Josie didn't reveal what type of skin cancer he's been diagnosed with — or what it could be — most skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet rays, which are emitted from the sun or in high concentrations inside tanning beds.

According to the American Cancer SocietyMore than 100,600 people are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma, a type of skin cancer, in 2024, and 8,290 people are expected to die from the disease.

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While anyone is at risk of developing skin cancer, people with fair skin, skin that burns easily or freckles, people with a large number of moles, exposure to ultraviolet rays, a family or personal history of skin cancer and aging play a role.

He added: “I will be fine, everything will be fine.” JC Pictures
The young star said the reality of skin cancer is “very scary.” Getty Images

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Researchers say sun safety is key to reducing your risk of all types of skin cancer — melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or basal cell carcinoma — and recommend preventative measures such as staying in the shade, wearing long sleeves, hats, sunglasses, and a high sun protection factor (SPF). 15) or higher.

While visiting a doctor every three years to check for marks and moles on the skin can detect cancer early, patients can benefit from it ABCD-Es of melanoma To determine if the spot could be dangerous.

Experts say to look for asymmetry, irregular borders, uneven color and diameter, and whether the spot is progressing, as they can all be signs of cancer.

A huge number of prominent figures have revealed that they have removed skin lesions and cancerous battles recently, such as Teddy MellencampChristie Brinkley and Sarah Ferguson.

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