April 24, 2024


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Helldivers 2 raises the player cap to 700,000 ahead of the busy weekend

Helldivers 2 raises the player cap to 700,000 ahead of the busy weekend

Screenshot of three players in a Helldivers 2 environment.

picture: Arrowhead Game Studios / Sony

Let me be frank: No, you are not the only one trying and failing to spread democracy Hell Divers 2 this week.

the Tough as nails The ridiculously popular co-op shooter has had a hard time adjusting to popularity, which meant some players were staring at loading screens and queues more often than they were able to get into the actual game. The developers have apologized for this situation, and things have improved. Just yesterday, developer Arrowhead Game Studios released Patch Which increased its server capacity to 700,000 concurrent players. Unfortunately, the team believes that number will not be good enough to continue through what is expected to be a busy weekend.

The news came via Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt, who shared the updates on his Twitter profile, and claimed that the studio will be releasing some “final improvements” today before the weekend. Bilstedt also warned about what to expect from the team Hell Divers 2 Numbers to exceed what they had prepared for, they confirmed that the 700,000 player cap was “higher than we were able to support”. Overall, Billstedt says “wait times will be more bearable” in the future.

That last part probably has something to do with yesterday Patchwho kicks Hell Divers 2 Players will be dequeued if they are hanging around the startup page and taking up space on the server. As you know, the corrections have actually worked. I came home from work and my friends were able to download the game without any problems. Even if I have to wait this weekend, I'm confident I'll be able to get into the game more easily than the last time I tried. When I do that, I look forward to getting Julie ol' mess of a time Leveling my friends with falling pods and watching them get dissected by massive insects.

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