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Here’s an English doctor’s new method to fall asleep very quickly – Western France evening edition

Here’s an English doctor’s new method to fall asleep very quickly – Western France evening edition

Having trouble sleeping? Here is a new “10-3-2-1 method” for easy detection of sleep, developed by British doctor Karan Rajan. Descriptions.

Sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep. The French sleep an average of 6:41 a night “More than 8 in 10 French people wake up on average once a night, with an average waking time of 32 minutes.”, Noted our colleagues France 2 last December, Getting to sleep or getting back to sleep in the middle of the night can be a challenge for some.

British physician Karan Rajan, a surgeon and professor at the University of Sunderland and Imperial College London, has developed the technique for easy sleep. Baptism “10-3-2-1 times” It will allow him to fall asleep quickly without difficulty.

It is on the social network Tic Tac Toe Follower with 4.1 million subscribers has revealed his technique.


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Avoid caffeine, alcohol and screens

The proposed method is more common than a magical recipe. Hides a note behind each number. 10 corresponds to the number of times you go to bed when you stop drinking coffee. Because caffeine is a well-known stimulant, it is contraindicated to take it shortly before bedtime.

If number 3 is three hours before going to bed you should not overdo it. A light dinner without alcohol is desirable. This allows, according to the British physician, “Avoid Heartburn and Night Awareness”. Number 2 is to stop working two hours before bedtime. So forget about working late in bed to sleep effortlessly.

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Finally, number 1 corresponds to the time without a screen before sleeping well. “Blue light inhibits melatonin production, which can delay sleep”, The expert explains in his dicto video.

This advice was given by Dr. Arnaud Brijent, a physician at the Rennes Sleep Center in Ille-et-Ville. “Light is an external synchronizer, a cerebral rhythm donor that sends an awareness message via the retina”, He has already explained to us in 2019 Previous article on this topic.

The blue light coming from a screen can permanently affect sleep. (Photo: Carolina Krabowska / Bexels)

“The formula is good”

As for the “10-3-2-1” method, it is “Takes things already known”, Dr. Brijent underlined, and we reached him by phone. “However, the formula is good. It would be much better if it allowed as many people as possible to remember these tips and sleep hygiene rules, limiting the use of screens.”

If this method does not work for you, here are some other useful tips to help you fall asleep: Dr. Pregent reminds you to prioritize “Without a TV, sleep in a cool, dark and quiet room, go to bed and get up at certain times, and avoid a hot bath in the evening.”.

Turn off your phone or “Disable its notifications” Can help. “People who have trouble sleeping can keep their watch or alarm clock in view”, Advises doctor. The reason? “Looking at the time triggers a thought, which indirectly prevents the sleeper from falling back asleep.”

After all, what if we can’t sleep? “If you have crazy thoughts, writing them down is a great way to get rid of them. After that, you should go to bed and relax as much as possible …”

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