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Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 is allegedly not developed by Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 is allegedly not developed by Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn has certainly overtaken the gaming industry with its aesthetic appeal and compelling presentation of a post-apocalyptic world. The lore-filled open world leaves someone satisfied with satisfying gameplay, and its sequel has only grown. However, myths swirl around the community suggesting an upcoming PS5 release.

Several strong rumors have been circulating recently, suggesting that a remastered Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5 is on the horizon. However, not many details have currently emerged about the intriguing possibility. Recent rumors discuss unexpected developments, shedding more light on the PS5 remake.

The PS5 remake of Horizon Zero Dawn was supposedly not developed by Guerrilla Games, the original developers of the IP.

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  • Horizon Zero Dawn was allegedly not developed by Guerrilla Games, and another studio has taken up the mantle on the project, according to the insider.
  • The developers are working on several other projects, such as the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC, so the remake has been handed over to another studio.
  • It remains unclear which team is developing a PS5 remake or remaster of the game. However, we advise taking the news with extreme caution, as it has not been officially confirmed yet.
  • It looks like the new PS5 or Remaster will feature improved lighting, character models, and fan animations along with other improvements to match a more recent sequel.

The information originates from a certified industry insider, Colin Moriarty, who broke the unexpected word. Colin unveiled the information on a recent episode of the Sacred Symbols + podcast (Locked Behind a Paywall on Patreon). The Horizon Zero Dawn remake or remaster for PlayStation 5 will allegedly be handled by another studio.

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Colin was unable to confirm the validity of the rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remake, but confirmed that its development is being carried out without direct involvement from Gang war games. According to Colin, another studio is developing the next-gen version, and it could be one of PlayStation’s internal studios.

The insider said:We assume that too [Guerrilla] He’s making a new Horizon thing there, although if that’s real, what I hear is he’s on another team.

Cullen also reiterated that he wouldn’t publish any team that could brew the next generation of Horizon Zero Dawn because the source may not be able to reveal.

While fans may be upset at Guerrilla Games for not developing the updated Horizon Zero Dawn remake, it’s still pretty much preoccupied with the IP these days. The team is working on multiple projects related to Horizon. For example, Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores, the game’s official expansion, will be released in April 2023.

Furthermore, Guerrilla Games is involved in developing Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a VR spin-off for Firesprite-enabled PSVR2 headsets. The engrossing studio also recently verified an in-house team producing an indie online title set within the lore-filled and expansive universe of Horizon.

It is clear that the new version of Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 will contain a variety of upgrades in the visual and gameplay aspects. for example, “Improved lighting system (ambient occlusion, etc.), fixed textures. and better animation, with new character models to match those in the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. “

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Horizon Zero Dawn has been a huge hit and has taken the gaming world by storm with its amazing gameplay. The title sold like hotcakes, reaching over 20 million copies sold on PC and console. Plus, it’s clear that Guerrilla Games is looking to extract all the potential from the new IP for years to come.

What are your thoughts on the PlayStation 5 game / remake of Horizon Zero Dawn not being developed by Guerrilla Games? Do you think another studio would be able to offer the same level of oomph as the original developers? Do tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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