July 14, 2024


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How do you sleep better?  Hotels attract their guests with sleep tourism

How do you sleep better? Hotels attract their guests with sleep tourism

Will he sell sleep? Hotels oriented towards “sleep tourism” hope so.

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Are you longing for a good night’s sleep?

Join the club.

Globally, more people are looking for sleep this year than ever before, according to data released by Google Trends last week. People are turning to the Internet to learn about bedtime routines and sleeping positions and to understand “Why am I so tired all the time?” – a question that peaked in June, according to Google.

In fact, restorative sleep eludes many which has given rise to a new kind of travel. Hotels and spas are launching “sleep tourism” programs that go beyond plush bedding and blackout curtains.

From beds that use real-time AI to on-demand hypnotherapists, here are six places that do everything they can to help travelers get great sleep.

For those who need to completely switch off, in London Two Zedwill hotels It has simple rooms that are free of “distractions” — such as televisions, phones, and even windows — according to its website.

Zedwell Hotel, London.

Source: Zedwell Hotels Trocadero (London) Hotel Limited

The no-clutter aesthetic includes natural oak wood and ambient lighting, and the rooms are soundproofed and air freshened.

Sleep-deprived guests can book Sleep wellness program Which ranges from three to 10 days at Six Senses Laamu. Each stay comes with sleep tracking, wellness check-ups, spa treatments, meditation or breathing exercises, and nutritional advice, according to its website.

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives.

Source: Eleven Six PR

For restless sleepers in the Big Apple, New York’s Park Hyatt has updated its three “Sleep Suites” with the latest version of Bryte’s “Balance” smart bed.

Park Hyatt New York.

Source: Park Hyatt New York

The mattress makes sounds and uses gentle movement to lull guests to sleep. To wake up, the bed gradually moves over the course of 15 minutes to slowly and silently wake users up again. Inside the mattress, an array of AI pillows adapts to body movements to relieve pressure in real time, too.

The suites also contain relaxing aromatherapy essential oil blends, as well as a collection of “sleep related books,” according to the hotel.

In partnership with sleep specialist and hypnotherapist Malminder Gill, The Cadogan offers a “Sleep Concierge” service that comes with a meditation (recorded by Gill), a pillow menu, weighted blanket, bedtime tea blend, and scented pillow spray.

The Cadogan, London.

Source: Cadogen Hotel, a Belmond Hotel

For additional help, guests can book a session with Jill for one-on-one in-room sleep assistance, according to the hotel’s website.

From oceanfront rooms on miami beach, This resort It applies a technologically advanced approach to healthy sleep through vibration and sound therapy that will provide “an essential nap – even for the busiest of minds,” according to the hotel’s website.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Miami.

Source: Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

With the help of sleep medicine specialist Dr. Vicente Mira Diouf in This luxury hotel and health clinic He or she can participate in a “sleep medicine” program that includes sleep counseling, a night polygraph, a continuous positive airway pressure study (or CPAP as it’s known), and tests that measure sleep and daytime indicators such as resting heart rate and heartbeat. – Rate volatility, according to their website.

Sha Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain.

Source: Sha Alafia Clinic

A wellness plan is created for each guest that includes stress management and hydrotherapy sessions.