May 30, 2024


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How fluent in English affects the self-esteem of immigrants

Immigration is a special moment in life, almost timeless. Absolutely everything changes in your eyes, but in your ears: the language is no longer the same, you have to deal with many differences, sometimes, with a certain shyness of the foreigner.

How to improve your practice before and after the big departure, and what impact will this effort have on your self-confidence? With experience working with Francophones overseas, Live-English speaks to the inseparable English mastering challenges of being carried out according to art-rules.

Is it necessary to have a good command of English before going abroad? In your opinion, is it possible to evolve peacefully in an English-speaking country by neglecting the actual learning of the language?

Overall, it is important to be well prepared for your trip abroad. A certain mastery of the language before departure is an integral part of this upstream product and will avoid many problems, especially for accommodation search, employment, but also for going to different administrations.

Second, staying in an English-speaking country should allow you to improve your status. The immigrant cannot be taught to stay in an English-speaking country for long, and after all, he will lose an important part of the beauty of the foreign country.

What can you do on a daily basis fluent in English?

Good practice of English allows autonomy: we do not need to ask anyone to speak on the phone for us, for example. What’s more, it avoids the mistake of staying in a Franco-French circle, which prevents the optimal experience. A good level of English also allows access to the most interesting levels to work on the site.

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Is immersion enough for this learning?

Immersion helps a lot, there really is nothing like it to learn English … but on condition you have to start with a minimum amount of ease, so progress is natural. Depends on these on-site learning encounters: The ability to make English-speaking friends who have the patience to speak English with you will allow you to perfect your proficiency in no time.

Does being bilingual allow you to better understand and understand cultural differences?

Of course, you can easily meet English speakers, appreciate the nuances of their language, immerse themselves in their culture, and even understand their conversations and humor … Going abroad is a complete, and helps to find fluency in English. All cultural elements of this wholeness are possible.

What solutions are there for those of us who are most afraid?

We have to bang! Getting the help of a volunteer teacher will give you the keys to being easy, which is a solution to accelerate this gain in self-confidence. Regular 1-on-1 training provides a caring and safe environment before immersion in concrete situations.

Does learning English by foreigners affect their self-esteem, do you have cases, both professionally and personally?

We helped hundreds Thousands of people before their departure or at the beginning of their move abroad. They were able to improve their English, gaining self-confidence when conversing with English speakers and ensuring a journey in the best possible context. We also inform them of the cultural differences they need to focus on in the country: the uniqueness of the job interviews, the phone conversations, the differences behind the presentation (educational, professional …) given in English …

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After going abroad for a few weeks, months, a year, what level of improvement can I expect …?

Progress will vary greatly depending on whether or not the foreigner is in real drowning. In general, on site, oral comprehension is greatly improved. He is intuitive and understands English speakers well and learns local expressions quickly. Being exposed to English for even a few weeks will greatly simplify the process. But to be completely relaxed and fluent does not take months or years.

Will advancing in English forget the famous “insulting pronunciation insult” well known to the French?

The humiliation of his accent should be avoided, but often we are misled. From the moment you are understood by others, you have come a long way. Being ashamed to speak because of your accent is very embarrassing, especially when you are practicing English, which, by nature, is replaced by mimicry. The only thing to remember is that, step by step, there are significant differences in intuition between the two languages. So, during the emigration, we will try to change the intuition in the appropriate script. Finally, keep in mind that the French accent is very popular abroad and so the native people will not be inconvenienced!

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