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How this headset helps you speak English with better pronunciation

How this headset helps you speak English with better pronunciation

Speak English? You have learned EnglishBut there is less training to be had “easily” ? Launched by Polyglot SA, a Luxembourg company specializing in auditory neurosensory stimulation, the audio headset Pronounce it Provides a solution to improve yourself Pronunciation. Its promise: about fifteen minutes of daily learning, a significant improvement in fluency and natural English. In several sessions, 20 minutes I wanted to see what exactly this method consisted of and if it was really possible to improve it.

Beginners avoid

This is the problem of many French people. Many manage in English. But most have a sharp accent that can make them lose their way in meetings and limit their exchanges during foreign trips.

The pronunciation headset learning method is based on daily exercises lasting 15 to 30 minutes. – Multilingual S.A.

The Pronunciation headset doesn’t claim to help those who get stuck on the step “Where’s Brian?” » In 6th grade, they should first develop their vocabulary and grammar. It is aimed at those who have already learned the language of Shakespeare to improve their pronunciation and gain spontaneity.

Listen and repeat

For this, this helmet with a removable microphone embeds pre-recorded English lessons. On board and accessible according to two levels, a program lasting 45 hours should be spread over approximately 90 days through 15- to 30-minute sessions. Here, the idea is to listen to verbal exchanges, conversations, and then repeat them back as a result of a whole set of everyday situations. Examples: “Want to have coffee this weekend? » ; “I had another rough day at the restaurant”etc

By trying to copy the model heard, by repeating sentences through the microphone, but above all by listening to the sound of his own voice, the user can quickly correct himself and progress.

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At the core of the proposed method, “ Connecting », or cutting a sentence into several pieces to synthesize them individually before reconstructing the dialogue. Thus, after repeating them one by one, the elements are gradually combined, as in one of the sentences quoted in the example above: “Do you want”; “to have coffee”; “this weekend”. Who will create “Want to have coffee this weekend? ». This method is called method tomatoIt cuts the time it takes to learn a foreign language in half.

Deep experience

Technically, accent headphones use a dynamic filter that emphasizes the frequencies of the English language. It will promote the phonetics and rhythm of spoken English. It’s a bit confusing, though: sentences heard on headphones sometimes seem to us to have a very digital rendering. Self-listening through loudspeakers associated with the bone conduction system deepens the experience.

Audio player in the headset and 45 hours of exercises to listen and repeat English phrases and improve your pronunciation.
Audio player in the headset and 45 hours of exercises to listen and repeat English phrases and improve your pronunciation. – Multilingual S.A.

Our tests over several sessions seemed to us quite convincing in their approach. Oral situations encountered through on-board recordings reflect many scenes of personal and professional daily life. Used daily, the Pronunciation Helmet prescription system is gradually effective and allows one to not only improve one’s pronunciation but also gain confidence.

Only the accent helmet remains, announced at 249 euros, but Sold for 199 Euros On its manufacturer’s site, it cannot benefit from updates. As agreed, its purchase price is final. For example, there are no costs associated with acquiring learning time. This is one of its strengths, but also one of its weaknesses.

In order for the headset to evolve over time, we would like to purchase modules that are more or less adapted to such an application or industry (reception, catering, travel…), or modules for other languages… Having learned that, the device may seem a bit outdated in its current state. Unless you give it a second life by using it as a simple Bluetooth headset.

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