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How to raise your English level in a fun and original way?

How to raise your English level in a fun and original way?

Do you want to enrich your English vocabulary in a useful, fun and creative way? “All About Us!” » John Langridge, an innovative work that offers an original and interactive way to build your dictionary and increase your mastery of Shakespeare’s language!

Why should you strengthen your English?

A global language, English is used in 53 countries and practiced by 400 million speakers, making it the most spoken language in the world.

Mastery of this language is essential in many contexts, such as strengthening one’s employability, attending school abroad, or facilitating social and cultural integration while traveling abroad or staying in an English-speaking country.

There are many resources available today to improve your language skills, including many books and manuals. However, “All About Us!” Few offer an engaging and stimulating learning style. “.

“All about us!” »: Your best partner to enrich your vocabulary in English

“All about us!” » A book that brings together 150 vocabulary exercises in English. Each exercise contains a text on a specific theme. Following each text, 15 clues are proposed.

After reading the text, the learner is responsible for finding the correct word from the text based on the hint provided. As if he had to solve an investigation, he was led to reread the text several times, questioning the meaning of each word in order to find the answer to each clue, thanks to the context.

No less 50 themes Thus proposed to cover the widest possible lexical field. Among these, you will find in particular: discoveries and inventions; British History; English Literature; politics; health; law; Science… Thus the learner develops his English vocabulary through historical, social, scientific and cultural facts; Presentations on current topics or famous people (Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Henry VIII, William Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Martin Luther King, etc.).

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You can’t be the only one this way Integrating technical vocabulary and specialized, but also acquires everyday words that are necessary in everyday life (to describe feelings, when traveling, at home, etc.).

This method is very useful because it allows learners to Go over the new words again and again and in many forms, practice its pronunciation and understand its meaning and usage. These revisions allow the meaning and spelling of each word to be fully memorized.

Apart from learning new English words, “All about us!” » It also helps you develop your knowledge of general culture and the Anglo-Saxon world.

The book specifically aims to:

– level B1 (intermediate) and B2 (advanced intermediate) students who want to improve their English as a foreign language (EFL – English as a foreign language);

– for English speakers at school and students who use English as an additional language (EAL – English as another language);

– For speakers of other languages ​​learning or revising English (ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages).

The book is a valuable tool English teachers. They can actually use the book as a support for organizing vocabulary exercises, dictations, quizzes and pronunciation practices. At the beginning of the book, the author also provides an in-depth guide that guides teachers on how to use the book in the classroom in a structured and fun way.

About the author John Langridge

The author “All about us!” », John Langridge, an experienced English as a foreign language teacher. After studying at Marlborough College, Durham University and the London School of Economics, he worked in human resources in international organizations from 1986 to 2002. After that, he took the teaching route and taught English to students from more than 70 different countries in three schools in England and two universities in France (Lorient and Vannes). In particular, he supported students preparing for Cambridge language certificates.

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“As a teacher of English as a foreign language, I faced a lot of difficulties in finding texts with vocabulary that I wanted to teach my students. So I started writing my own teaching materials. After 10 years of teaching, I finally wanted to compile all the resources I had created into a book. »John Langridge explains.

“All about us!” » Available at Digital version and paper version on Amazon. To make the exercises easier, it is recommended to buy the book in paper form: then you can write the answers to the clues directly in the book.

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