June 18, 2024


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How to speak English better?  – Benefits magazine

How to speak English better? – Benefits magazine

The objective? Shakespeare’s language no longer holds any secrets for me!

What books to learn to speak English?

  • Leah English: A Book for Speaking English

In his book “Finally Courage to Speak English”, Léa Vercellotti helps us overcome our obstacles: yes, with self-confidence, you can start a conversation with your neighbor across the Channel without having to master all the grammar rules and vocabulary of the dictionary. More than lessons, it’s real, seamless practice. You can also search his site to find more advice: lea-english.com.

“Finally Courage to Speak English”,* Leah Vercellotti, Ed. Wubert, €14.90

  • “When Pigs Fly”: Learning while having fun

The book “When Pigs Fly” reminds us of 300 essential idioms (equivalent to “It’s raining cats and toys”, “It’s raining hard”) to make our English a little more authentic. And most of all very funny.

“When Pigs Fly”, Ed Leduc, €8.90.

Practice every day to improve your English

Over 5,000 online exercises, pronunciation tools, videos and games, site mycow.eu assures us A fun and effective daily exercise. Our favorite themes (travel, news, economy, etc.) are enough to increase your vocabulary and oral comprehension. From €8/month.

Language trips to better master English

Just register polyglotclub.com Find free evenings and other gatherings organized across France. A large community of followers that allows you to meet native speakers.

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