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How will Prince William handle Kate and King Charles' battle with cancer?

How will Prince William handle Kate and King Charles' battle with cancer?

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Two senior members of the British royal family are suffering from cancer, which has raised questions about the success of the heir to the throne, Prince William.

In recent months, the Prince of Wales has remained committed to his royal duties, while Princess Kate and King Charles III have been forced to step down amid their health problems. This is expected to continue to be the case after Kate revealed on Friday that she, like her father-in-law, has been diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer.

Princess Kate and King Charles were admitted to hospital earlier this year for abdominal surgery and a procedure for an enlarged prostate, respectively. Then their cancer diagnosis shocked the public.

In 1997, Princess Diana, the beloved mother of William and Prince Harry, died at the age of 36 in a car accident in Paris. Since then, both brothers have spoken openly about the lasting grief her loss left over their lives.

Now, nearly 30 years later, it remains to be seen how Prince William will cope with the cancer diagnosis of King Charles, 75, and his wife, Princess Kate, 42.

But with the Prince of Wales next in line for the throne, experts believe that despite the health difficulties the royal family is currently facing, William will continue “business as usual”.

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Experts say Prince William has the “weight of the world” on his shoulders

In February, royal watcher Rachel Bowie told USA TODAY that the pressure on William had “never been greater” after his father postponed public duties due to cancer.

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Bowie noted that William had to “carry the weight of (King Charles' father)”.

Now, we know that William is facing additional pressure from his father and wife, who are battling cancer. It appears the 'weight of the world' is resting on William's shoulders as he balances his royal duties with supporting his family, royal commentator and host.To de dailypodcast, Kinsey Schofield told USA TODAY via email.

After Princess Kate made her last official public appearance in December before undergoing surgery in January, Kensington Palace said she would remain out of the public eye until after Easter. However, the media and public focused on Prince William and his family after it was revealed that the photo Kate shared had been doctored.

This has fueled conspiracy theories about its authenticity and whereabouts. Amid online speculation… TMZ He posted a video showing William and Kate shopping in Windsor. Rumors about A An alleged relationship between Prince William and Rose Hanburythe Marchioness of Cholmondeley, also gained momentum.

William now finds himself in an “almost impossible situation,” says Catherine Lamontaigne, a lecturer at Boston University.

Public scrutiny of Princess Kate may be a “reawakening” of painful memories for Prince William

According to experts, the public's obsession with Princess Kate's health may raise in Prince William painful memories of his mother, Princess Diana.

“I understand that Prince William is having a difficult time with the invasion of privacy that his family is currently experiencing,” Schofield said, adding that the intense scrutiny around Princess Kate “is a reminder of how Prince William was raised and followed by the paparazzi.” “Seeing both parents splashed across the front of newspapers.”

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“This is certainly a very difficult time for William,” agrees Pauline Maclaran, a professor at Royal Holloway University of London, telling USA TODAY via email.

“It must have awakened a lot of painful memories about his mother's death along with feelings of how easily life events threaten to spiral out of control,” Maclaran adds.

Royal commentator Schofield adds that it must be an “incredibly lonely time” for William, who has a small circle around him to maintain privacy and is now dealing with “a grief he has probably not felt since his mother died.”

William is likely experiencing all of this without his brother, Prince Harry, physically by his side.

Prince Harry, who now resides in California with his wife, Duchess Meghan, has spent a limited amount of time in the United Kingdom since stepping down from royal duties in 2020.

After their father was diagnosed with cancer in February, Harry also paid a short visit to the royal. In light of Princess Kate's health news, Harry and Meghan said they “wiish health and recovery for Kate and the family, and hope they can do so in privacy and peace.”

Prince William will likely 'keep the show on the road', carrying out 'business as usual'

Amid the health struggles of his wife and father, Prince William has stepped up and attended many public events on his own, Including a Commonwealth Day service in March.

But in January, he stepped back from royal duties after Kate was hospitalized. In a video announcing her cancer diagnosis on Friday, Princess Kate said it was a “wonderful source of comfort and reassurance” to have William by her side.

“He is known to believe that he should put his family first – unlike his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who put the crown first, and we saw that at the beginning of Kate's illness when he took time off to be by her side,” Professor McLaran told USA TODAY. .

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She added: “I think his position in this regard was generally accepted, and in the modern era people expect family concerns to take precedence.”

King Charles III He pays tribute to Princess Kate after her cancer diagnosis: 'So proud of Catherine'

Maclaran adds that from now on, William will “try hard to keep the show on the road” as he stands in for the King.

In a statement issued by Kensington Palace on Sunday, Kate and William appeared to present a united front during this difficult time for the royal family. The couple said they were “deeply touched by the kind messages” and grateful “for your understanding of their request for privacy at this time.”

But can Prince William take another step back or open up about this difficult period?

This is unlikely. LaMontagne tells USA TODAY that William's absence from his godfather's memorial service in February may be “as much as we'll see him surrender to the reality” of a difficult situation.

“It seems like he's taking a page from his grandmother's playbook in keeping him patient and continuing with business as usual,” LaMontagne said, suggesting that William likely won't make an emotional public statement or reach out for support like his brother, the prince. Harry, he might do it in his shoes.

“Prince William has made it clear that he is not that kind of person. His emotions are not available for public fodder,” Lamontaigne said.

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