March 1, 2024


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Hulk Hogan plays a good Samaritan, helping a woman whose car overturned on the highway

Hulk Hogan plays a good Samaritan, helping a woman whose car overturned on the highway

7:17 AM PT – More startling details about this incident – TMZ Sports has learned that the driver was a minor… a 17-year-old girl, who we're told was quite upset about the whole thing.

Our sources tell us that too Hulk Hoganfriend, JakeWhoever is interfering in this is actually a Marine!

Hulk Hogan shed his WWE heel persona in real life this weekend, jumping to the rescue of a woman in a horrific car accident… and TMZ Sports has the pictures.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us about the legendary wrestler and his wife Sky Daily A friend of theirs was strolling along the highway Sunday evening in Clearwater, Florida when they saw a bad wreck right in front of them.

We're told a car swerved erratically across lanes to catch the exit it was about to miss — and in the process… hit another car, which our sources say flipped over and fell.

Hulk and his companions, as our sources explained, stopped immediately — along with His Highness and his friend, JakeThey rushed to help the driver…a woman who we were told was shaken. Since they first arrived on the scene, we're told that Hulk and Jake actually helped get her out of the car.

Our sources say Jake blew up the woman's airbag with some tools Hulk had on hand — and they both unbuckled her seatbelt and helped her leave the car safely. We're told paramedics eventually arrived at the scene, and Hulk and his crew looked on.

In the end, our sources say the woman seemed fine… and His Highness was happy to help.

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It's obviously pretty terrifying – and thankfully, everyone seemed okay in the end… You have to imagine that the rescued woman was surprised to see that the Hulk himself was her personal hero. Then again, he's always played the heel in the ring.

Turns out he's the nicest guy, and then some when called upon…well done bro!

Originally published – 6:37 AM PT