May 20, 2024


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Washington Redskins and the Arizona Cardinals

If allegations of withholding payments from the league are true, Daniel Snyder will likely be executed

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Saturday night’s bombshell could be the last straw for the NFL and Daniel Snyder.’s AJ Perez reported last night that Congress is exploring the matter Whether Washington’s leaders withheld the money Which should have been handed over to the visiting team’s league group. A league source with knowledge of the dynamics among the owners of PFT said that this would become a “death knell” for Snyder as owner, if it proves to be true.

There will also be an effort to force Snyder to make his payments, whether through the court system or internal arbitration.

NFL teams do not keep all of their ticket revenue, nor do they directly share any money from each particular game with the opponent. Instead, 40 percent of the gate from each game goes to a league-wide pool that goes in equal parts to all teams.

So, if true, Snyder took 1/32 of the 40 percent payout made by the other 31 teams — and failed to pay all of the 40 percent portion that should have gone to his partners.

His associates have shielded him when it comes to investigating misconduct in the workplace because, indirectly, they are protecting themselves from having similar allegations that threaten control of their franchises. If it can be shown that he was picking the pockets of his partners, it is very likely that his partners will kick him out of the house.