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In Charts Court: English driver sentenced to death

In Charts Court: English driver sentenced to death

The 67-year-old, who hails from Birmingham (Great Britain), where he lives, explained in Charts Court.
On August 25, 2018, the car he was driving collided with another vehicle close to him.
The accident occurred at around 6am on the N154 from the A10 motorway, in the Allianz-Mervillers.

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The 80-year-old died in the crash, traveling in another car. Seven more were injured.
At his inquest into the murder, the Englishman, with the help of a translator, assures us that he was not responsible for the accident.
“I saw the headlights coming in front of me,” he explains. “When I realized a collision was going to happen, I turned the steering wheel to the right to avoid it. But I saw that there was a groove. I gave the steering wheel another turn to the left. There was nothing I could do to avoid an accident.”

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When he asked Gendermas, the driver of the other car, in the collision of the English driver, gave a completely different version.
“He was in front of me, in my path. I failed to avoid it.”
But above all, there comes another witness that contradicts the version of the British citizen. A car driver following him a hundred yards away.

“It was still dark”

“I saw him cross the solid white line and turn left. I think he fell asleep at the wheel.”
“It was still dark,” the Englishman’s lawyer protested. “How did he ever see my client go to the left?”
“I did not explain his testimony,” the British driver asked.
“There are elements to the assassination,” prosecutor Alexis Ciari assures.

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The magistrate said this morning, “We were day and night. The sidewalk was wet. Also, he is a British citizen, and it is customary to drive on the left.”

“A driver used to drive left”

He is seeking a one-year suspended sentence against an English driver and a two-year ban on driving all motor vehicles in French territory.
The court followed his demands, with the Chief Justice giving an explanation, recognizing that it was a severe sentence.
“That’s because you tried to blame the driver of the car in front of you for the accident.”

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