June 19, 2024


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In Dieppe, the British did not return from the end of the isolation

In Dieppe, to hear English spoken, you have to listen carefully. Each year, approx 4000 British Visit the city with boats connecting Type with New Haven in the UK. But since the beginning of summer, travel to British Dept. has been rare.

But with End of Isolation imposed by the United Kingdom For travelers from France, many restaurants hoped the English would return to their establishments. “Since the isolation ended, we have very few BritsChristophe, the manager of a bar in front of the marina, is sorry. We have a lot of Belgians, a lot of Dutch, but very few Brits, at least three less than usual.

“It’s really nothing”

A few meters away, Franோois Hue draws the same observation. On his terrace, there are no Britons A huge shortage To him. “This is really nothing, not an Englishman in Dieppe, Refers to the restaurant. They represent 10% of customers, which is even bigger. We knew it would be complicated anyway and we knew they weren’t going to be there.

More French than usual

Vadim Novik, he had a little more confidence. “We thought there would be more visits, Vadim Novik, manager of a restaurant, looked forward to his page. Apparently it did not succeed. People are always scared. Travel laws change almost weekly, so people are not sure if they can travel.

Fortunately, restaurants say they can Relied on French customersMore important than other years.