April 24, 2024


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In Louisiana, the French language is undergoing a renaissance

Cultural pride

If it was up to Madame Frook, no one would forget that language.

Two years ago, Saint-Luke Language and Cultural Immersion Center, The school she discovered was able to move to its own campus: an ex-retirement home in the city center. Progress was slow due to the epidemic, but volunteers worked hard to renovate the building. They gathered the information and funds needed to implement it. It already offers books recalling Agadian descent and kindly donated handicrafts and popular arts to help visitors and residents learn the language.

Saint-Luke is a popular endeavor. Ms. Brooke hopes this will serve as a bridge between official Louisiana educational programs and community members who want to learn a little or more about Louisiana French. Later, St.-Luke will also provide visits from other students.

Meanwhile, French tables are still being held. The first promotion took place.

Janice was one of the first students.

Although she felt comfortable in French, she wanted to fill in the gaps in her reading and writing. He wants to tell his story to his prospective students and has added a new chapter in the history of La Francophone.

Ask Ms. Frooke why all of these events took place in Arnadville, and she will divert the question. Someone has to do it, she responds.

“I do not speak French well”, I do not want to hear it again. Awful. We speak good French. This Ours French. “

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