July 14, 2024


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In Norway, we are alarmed by the rise of “society-wide” English

In Norway, we are alarmed by the rise of “society-wide” English

This is nothing new in this country of 5.5 million people, traditionally open to the world. But the Language Council (Sprocketed), whose purpose “To strengthen the Norwegian language and linguistic diversity in the country”, I thought of sounding the alarm in an unusual way. In A column published on February 13 in the columns of the newspaper Pinposton, All six members of its board of directors have threatened to resign “don’t come” Need to hear.

For them, the situation “Emergency”. “We see an increasing use of English at the expense of Norwegian in all sectors of society.” It is especially seen among young people, including children “The English language is bathed in a vast cultural and media offering”, Also in the education system.

This also applies to higher education “The Norwegian language is under very strong pressure”, And for businesses, where “English is increasingly the language of choice”. “All these affect the usability and status of our national language” Trust six members of the council, five of whom are appointed by his ministry

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