May 20, 2024


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Innovative and interactive training

Innovative and interactive training

Deep learning to practice professional and general English

Intelligence A training company that offers a variety of apprenticeships that qualify for a Personal Training Account (CPF), especially to learn foreign languages, improve one’s proficiency in French as part of the Voltaire program and FLE (French as a Foreign Language), but also principal office automation tools or programming languages. To help you consolidate different vocabulary and English grammar, Les Intellos offers you a new and innovative program that is fun, interactive and above all fast-paced. As part of this training, you are provided with a virtual reality headset by the company to immerse you in this unique space. Objective: To acquire the basics of the language, to practice them in the metaverse, to succeed in self-understanding and to express oneself in a professional and general environment.

This device offers learners the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual environment integrating different locations, cafe, gym, restaurant, store etc., other learners, etc.). “With Les Intellos, we want to dust off the apprenticeship sector and restore the image of a “training system” that provides CPF-worthy apprenticeships. », explains co-founder Quentin Rivat. Module for Learn English on Metaverse Aimed at those who want to learn a language for professional and general use and who have a particular appetite for new technologies such as virtual reality. If no academic prerequisites are required, comfort with digital tools and distance learning is recommended.

By putting what you’ve learned into practice with a virtual reality headset, the temptation to distract yourself from the training is greatly reduced, unlike courses that are taken 100% on a mobile or tablet, it’s much easier to take. and may be disturbed by receiving notification (message, social networks, etc.).

In the context of traditional training, learners have unlimited access to the initial learning platform for 100 days (3.5 months), available 24/7. They can connect from their smartphone and/or tablet during their breaks at work, in the evenings or on weekends. But with VR optional training, their training regimen takes on another dimension. From a virtual reality headset, they can also connect to Metaverse. Teaching learning is best suited if you already have a professional activity. In addition, an explanation and help are included in the “Le Connecté” formula to make it easier to get started with a VR headset.

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Advantages of Metaverse for learning English differently

If learning a foreign language through Metaverse is a differentiating offering in the market for Les Intellos, it also offers many advantages to learners. ” Thanks to virtual reality, they can create their own avatar and show less signs of stress when practicing speaking English with other learners or practitioners. They begin to feel less judged and less afraid of making mistakes “Says Quentin. When the project was launched, the challenge for the co-founder was focused on the needs of the users of the initial platform: how to change the training system of foreign languages ​​with a simple digital tool other than a smartphone or tablet, which is understandable and portable for everyone, even the elderly, and has a high impact on less static immersion learning. gives?

We’re not reinventing Metaverse, but customizing it to make it more accessible, so learners can use it wisely. Metaverse is well suited to the training industry to provide a new way of training. This allows us to customize the offer with added value to access new skills, but above all gives us the opportunity to practice them in real life.

Because Metaverse is full of opportunities for learners. For example, if the graphics aren’t as advanced as a video game, they’ll have an avatar with a bust and a head. Objective: By providing an authentic framework for the practice, it should reduce any friction related to “physical” harassment that other virtual reality platforms may encounter. There is no artificial intelligence in the project, it is a question of human and visual representation of real people. Beyond gamification, which is a real plus for training, the VR module from Les Intellos makes it possible to change the mindset around these innovative technologies in full development.

We are at the beginning of virtual reality. GAFAMs have started testing some of the functions and marketing them to the general public. Now is the perfect time to take the plunge with the right support and apps.

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A unique experience in virtual London

Specifically, learners are immersed in a virtual representation of the City of London where they can connect to and discuss the map. For Quentin, this innovative device is more effective than a group video where learners can discuss. Besides escaping, changing settings to quickly learn English language skills, sessions with a certified trainer are scheduled to practice speaking a specific theme directly from the stage.

Tomorrow, we will also be able to meet Anglo-Saxons circulating in this virtual environment, who will be able to deepen their learning not only verbally but also culturally. We are already using this innovation to personalize the learning of other languages: virtual Madrid for Spanish, Paris for FLE…

Test Your Skills - English VR Intellos
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The organization Les Intellos always listens to its users: the constantly updated learning platform can evolve according to the feedback of the learners to adapt to the use of the platform. New educational content will be added soon according to the levels, and the possibility of creating cultural exchanges, following events from Metaverse in the selected language.

We can imagine many things like visiting the Museum of London in English, attending a football or rugby match at a stadium like the Emirates Stadium.

Want to learn English on Metaverse with Les Intellos? Go to the company’s website by clicking the button below, select “English VR” as the type of training, then select the formula “Le Connecté”. Cost of formula: €1,290, eligible for CPF. This means you can fund this innovative training and its accompanying equipment through your personal training account.

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Learn English on Metaverse with Intellos