July 14, 2024


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International: Angel Gomez is decisive with English convictions

Angel Gomez (England Hope)

After a great start to the season, it earned him the election Mastiff of the Month August of Kazoo, Angel Gomez (age 22) Distinguished himself during the match between English Espers and Italy. After much recovery, Doke got the better of teammate Ryan Brewster (Sheffield United, England) for the second goal. Three lionsFinal winner (0-2).

Angel Hobbs
Especially Angel Gomes (0-2) helped England Hobbs win against Italy. (@England)

Wasim Landaki (Morocco U20)

Australia’s U20s take on Morocco Wasim Landaki (18 years) International Costa Rica won the Supercup 2022 tournament (1-0).

Amin Messouza (France U19)

Finally, the French U19 teamAmin Mezuzah (17 years old) Lost to Portugal (2-0) in the first match of an international friendly in Serbia.

Weekend schedule

  • 23/09: Qatar – Canada (Jonathan David)
  • 23/09: Algeria – Guinea (Adam Onas, Achim Tsetadka, Mohamed Bayou)
  • 23/09: Equatorial Guinea – Rwanda (Hakim Sahabo)
  • 23/09: Germany U23 – France U23 (Bafodé Diakité)
  • 23/09: France U18 – Scotland U18 (Lenny Yarrow)
  • 23/09: Netherlands U18 – Belgium U18 (Vincent Burlet)
  • 24/09: Czech Republic – Portugal (Thiago Jalo)
  • 24/09: Serbia – Sweden (Gabriel Gudmundsson)
  • 24/09: Tunisia U20 – France U20 (Alain Virginius)
  • 24/09: Morocco U20 – England U20 (Wasim Landaki)
  • 24/09: France U19 – Finland U19 (Amin Messouza)
  • 25/09: France U18 – Poland U18 (Lenny Yoro)

Onas Algeria
Algeria’s Adam Onas (pictured) and Akim Tsetadka challenged Guinea’s Mohamed Bayou on Friday.

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