February 26, 2024


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Interview.  Kajsa Lindqvist runs workshops to help young people living in Montapan practice English

Interview. Kajsa Lindqvist runs workshops to help young people living in Montapan practice English

Mastering the world's most spoken language is the aim of the “Talk Time” workshops, offered by Grand Montauban's youth information service in Tarn-et-Garonne and led by young Swede Kajsa Lindqvist.

There are many reasons that motivate young people to learn English, whether it's a trip abroad, a series or simply a language level. To support local youth, Grand Montauban organizes “Talk Time” workshops at the Rosaroy Youth Center. Workshops led by Kajsa Lindqvist, a young European volunteer at the city's youth information service.

What is your background and how did you end up in Montauban even though you are Swedish?

I come from Sweden where English is very important because we have less series or books in our language. I studied in England before becoming a volunteer for the European Solidarity Corps. I will be in Montauban from October 2023 and then running workshops for children and teenagers until June 2024. I love connecting with young people, teaching them to speak English and why not travel them around Europe. did

What is this European unity project?

It is an organization set up by the European Union that sends volunteers for specific missions across the continent. I am here at the youth service in Montauban to promote youth mobility.

What does this “Talk Time” workshop consist of?

It is aimed at young people from Montapan who want to practice English. This is an opportunity to improve their status in a very fun way. A lot of young people here want to speak Shakespeare's language but don't because there aren't many ways to speak it in everyday life.

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What activities are offered?

I have planned debating and stage games, but it has to be proposed by the youth. If they don't like an activity or have suggestions, I'll modify. However, it is important to speak and learn.

Have you already led workshops other than “Talk Time”?

Yes, I have already done small activities with the youth from the youth center, especially for Christmas. And I conducted a manual workshop to give ecological gifts. But above all, I have hosted many such events in Sweden with young people from my country.

Interested in working with youth?

No I don't think so. In Sweden, I worked in a lot of youth organizations, which I love doing, but I lean more towards studying international relations. For my assignments or during the summer I will definitely continue to work with children and adolescents.