July 14, 2024


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iPhone Black Friday: Best deals still available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart

iPhone Black Friday: Best deals still available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart

Black Friday 2023 is in full swing — and the deals are running until Cyber ​​Monday on November 27. The deals have been coming thick and fast over the past few weeks but now the big sale weekend has arrived. If you’re a die-hard Apple fan and hoping to save money on a new iPhone, you might be in luck. While newer models, specifically the iPhone 15 Pro, have poor savings, older iPhones shouldn’t be left out of upgrade considerations.

Get a $500 Walmart gift card when you purchase an iPhone 14 Plus.

Although iPhone deals are traditionally small, this is one of the best deals on Black Friday Walmart is being promoted. The retailer is offering up to $500 in gift card credit for its store if you purchase a specific iPhone. buying Any of the iPhone 15 models will receive a $300 gift card, $350 for iPhone 14, $400 for the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro MaxAnd $500 if you buy the iPhone 14 Plus. One limitation is that the iPhone must be purchased through AT&T or Verizon.

The higher credit offer for the 14 Plus is not surprising since it was the least popular model in the iPhone 14 lineup last year. Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo male It had much worse pre-order numbers than the iPhone 13 Mini.

Black Friday 2023 iPhone deals at Best Buy

Best Buy is discounting several iPhone models, including the iPhone 15 line, where there are up to Save $80 on the latest iPhone, depending on the model you choose. But you must select Verizon or AT&T as your carrier, as was the case with Walmart’s promotion.

Black Friday 2023 iPhone deals on Amazon

Amazon doesn’t have any Black Friday deals for iPhone yet, but we’ll update this if that changes. Check out our best Amazon Black Friday deals posts if you’re planning to do some shopping on the e-commerce site.

Black Friday 2023 iPhone deals at Target

Target, like Amazon, doesn’t currently have any discounts on iPhones. But if that changes, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Best Black Friday 2023 deals on iPhone accessories

If you’re planning to buy an iPhone on Black Friday, you’ll probably need to buy a new phone case. Or maybe you want a new docking station to charge your iPhone or you want a spare charging cable, or a new charging station since iPhones no longer have one in the box.

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Either way, there are already a lot of discounts from reputable third-party companies like Anker and Nomad, and they already have a large number of discounts on these accessories. The latter, for example, has a site-wide sale.

If you have an iPhone 12 or later, you’ll also have additional accessory options for products that take advantage of MagSafe as well.