March 4, 2024


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Is Scotland desperate to lose to English rival to bid for Paris 2024 Olympics?

Is Scotland desperate to lose to English rival to bid for Paris 2024 Olympics?

The Complete Anthem of Past Major Women’s Football Tournaments, The Sweet Caroline Will the Paris 2024 Olympic Games tour French stadiums? The trend is clearly negative for the 2022 European champions and 2023 World Cup finalists, with the Netherlands being mistreated in their Nations League group so far. Before the final day of the tournament this Tuesday (8:45 pm), the Dutch and the English have 9 points, but the goal average, which promises to be decisive, is at the disadvantage of Sarina Wikman’s players (+1 against +4). ) because a quick reminder: no European country currently qualifies for the Olympics by its performance at the World Cup, with the exception of the French team as host nation.

Spain’s world champions, Group 4 winners and even those already committed to being part of the final four of this new Women’s Nations League, must reach the event’s final in February 2024 to be sure of one of the two qualifiers. For Paris 2024. Yes, the big European pieces are Spain, Germany, so the Netherlands and the UK (Sweden already outside) and the draw and calendar are teasing the Lions this year as they could be eliminated by Scotland this Tuesday. However, this neighboring country, a regular historical rival of the English, has a special status in the run-up to the Olympics, unlike UEFA and Fifa competitions: its players can actually be integrated into the Great Britain team, like the Welsh and Northern-Irish. .

“A great historic rivalry between Scotland and England”

Fourth (with 2 points) in this Group 1, the Scots got two draws (1-1) against Belgium (3rd with 8 points) and retained the ranking of “Olympic partners”, which will be in the chicken’s head for everyone. Surprise without these bad shows. There will be a special smell at the famous Hampton Park in Glasgow this Tuesday evening, as we know that a shower of goals in England’s favor will surely send them into the final four. Before that, why not let some Scottish players join Sarina Weigman’s team for the Paris 2024 Olympics? “Everything will be a little different in the Hamptons on Tuesday,” summarizes the BBC.

“This is the first time that there is a structure of competition between England and Scotland, but mainly this situation of voluntary defeat of Scotland outside of Great Britain is mentioned,” he explains. Richard Laverty, an English freelance journalist specializing in covering women’s football. There is a great historical rivalry between Scotland and England and no one here expects Scotland to allow England to win this match. »

While working on the first leg here at Wembley, Real Madrid's Scottish striker Caroline Weir will miss his place at Hampton Park this Tuesday due to a serious knee injury.
While working on the first leg here at Wembley, Real Madrid’s Scottish striker Caroline Weir will miss his place at Hampton Park this Tuesday due to a serious knee injury. – Colin Baltney/ProSports/Shutter/SIPA

Three Scottish women have been selected for Great Britain’s two Olympic Games

Great Britain has made only two Olympic appearances in women’s football so far, 16 out of 18 English women in London in 2012 and 15 out of 18 in Tokyo in 2021 respectively. Exceptions: Scottish Kim Little (currently in these two campaigns), Ifeoma Teague (in 2012), Caroline Weir (in 2021), as well as Welsh Sophie Ingle. “We have to see that the best possible candidates for British selection, on the Scottish side, won’t be playing on Tuesday,” explains Richard Laverty. Caroline Weir is suffering from a serious knee injury and Erin Cuthbert is also a doubt. » The Chelsea midfielder, who scored in Belgium on Friday, is undoubtedly the best chance to make the British selection.

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“Of course, there are many great players in Scotland and Wales, but in attacking positions such as Kirsty Hanson (Aston Villa) and Martha Thomas (Tottenham), the English team already has a lot of squad depth,” notes Richard Laverty. Will give. » After his comeback against the Netherlands at Wembley on Friday, 0-2 to 3-2 at half-time, thanks to Ella Toone’s final goal in extra time (90th +1 ) the Lyonesse coach knew he was brilliant.

“To question our integrity is absolutely scandalous”

Kind of Epic scene, with Scotland’s unexpected draw in Belgium (1-1), trust your lucky stars towards qualification. “We can’t control what the Netherlands will do against Belgium, but we’ll do everything we can to get a good win and see what happens,” sums up England’s Dutch coach (which adds a bit of history to history). However, we advise you not to question the mobilization of Scottish players to support English qualification for the final four of the Nations League.

Colleagues tried at their expense. A sober version for Glasgow City player Hayley Lauder: “Tuesday’s match means a lot to us.” Its captain Rachel Corsi (Aston Villa) had less of the media’s prodding: “It’s very disrespectful. Questioning anyone’s integrity is absolutely outrageous and a huge shame on us. Meet at 10:40, Hampton Park DJ. Make sure you don’t plan sweet caroline of british society after english recitation with eight goals.