May 22, 2024


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It offers English lessons for kids

It offers English lessons for kids

A Regre Anglais Mini School has opened in the town.

Séverine Gaillard and his wife Maximilien moved into the village in March 2021. He says he fell in love with a house located on the Route de la Râpe. Their building has a story. It welcomed primary school children until the 1950s. Originally from the burgh and looking for a meaningful project, this year he opened the Regre Anglais mini-school in Perex. Today, sharing her passion for foreign languages ​​and investing in work that aligns with her values ​​is close to her heart. The idea is to teach English to young children from the age of 3, while having fun and welcoming them according to an adapted program. “I take care of children during non-academic or extra-curricular periods. I can drive them, pick them up after school, welcome them to my house for lunch or a snack we make together. We also do fun and art activities together. Thus, without actually realizing it, young people assimilate ideas about English. It is a turnkey service.” A method based on talking, singing, games and fun allows children to learn the language naturally from an early age. According to herThe younger a child is, the more naturally they learn English.” Séverine Gaillard, a certified bilingual coach, explains that she works a lot with color cards and songs to get their attention and facilitate their understanding. Children appreciate the time spent with their teacher. They find peace, tranquility and the joy of learning in his home. Children located in the municipalities of Perrex, Vonnas, Saint-Jean-sur-Veyle, Saint-Julien-sur-Veyle, Biziat and Mézériat can use its services. Many Perex children already believe in him.

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