June 19, 2024


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Italy tightens restrictions on English supporters – EURACTIV.com

Italy has taken a number of steps ahead of the UK-Ukraine Euro 2020 game in Rome on Saturday (July 3) to prevent the spread of the Delta variant by British travelers.

These measures include: restrictions on Rome airports and train stations to monitor the arrival of sponsors from the UK, blocking ticket sales by canceling those sold out from June 28 (agreement with UEFA) and restrictions at Olympic Stadium entrances and “fan zones”.

Services to check compliance with compulsory five-day isolation for people coming from the UK and checks at tourist sites in Rome will be stepped up.

While British officials have already warned fans looking for tickets not to go to Rome, there is no denying that groups of supporters are trying to reach the capital on Saturday, trying to avoid obstacles.

« British citizens are already welcome in the capital, but we must be prepared to intervene if anyone disagrees. ”Alessio de Amado, Lazio Regional Health Adviser, said: Even a criminal complaint […] If they are positive “.

« Now no one from the UK can come to the arena because the rules of isolation imposed by the government have expired and returning home UK citizens will be subject to the new 10-month isolation rule. Days. “, Said Home Secretary Evan Scalfrotto.

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