Pittsburgh Steelers? Washington leaders? Maybe even the Denver Broncos? Everyone has their theories about where the San Francisco 49ers quarterback will trade Jimmy Garoppolo. However, last week at the NFL Scouting Combine, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler heard what he describes as a “wild” rumor involving another possible destination.

New Orleans Saints.

Most of the 49 players expect to trade their midfield in the past four and a half seasons, resulting in Tree Lance Era in Santa Clara. The former third seed has supported Garoppolo throughout last season, and the plan has always been for him to sit down, learn and take on the job when he’s ready.

This leaves Garoppolo and his $25 million salary expendable. In fact, the team may need to liquidate that money to retain players and promote to other positions. Doing this while holding on to the Garoppolo would be very difficult.

“The wildest rumor you’ve heard this week?” Fowler wrote in a feature for ESPN (h/t Andrew Holleran from The Spun). Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo Possibly pairing up with New Orleans. This would be a surprise because many across the league are anticipating James Winston’s return to the Saints. But if Rodgers and Wilson don’t move, Garoppolo becomes one of the best options out there. Maybe New Orleans is at least pushing that idea around.”

The 49ers could find themselves in the seller’s market if Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson Stay with their teams. This will likely increase interest in Garoppolo. However, one complication surfaced last week when it was revealed that the 49ers quarterback will be undergoing shoulder surgery. He will not be able to throw up within 16 weeks of recovery.

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While some expect the news to affect Garoppolo’s trade value, others feel that the lack of better quarterback options, and a relegation year for the upcoming rising midfielder category, means a deal can still be struck. It’s just a matter of timing.