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Jessica Thivenin: Bilingual Maillon, she doesn’t want to speak to him in English!  Find out why

Jessica Thivenin: Bilingual Maillon, she doesn’t want to speak to him in English! Find out why

By Romain Charpentier

– Published on March 18, 2023 at 6:02 pm

Jessica Thevenin prefers to speak only French with her children. Find out the reasons for his choice!

Jessica Thieven is one of the most followed French influencers on the web! Also, internet users comment on his every action. Accustomed to criticism, Jessica sometimes takes time to respond to her video haters who post on her social networks! Over the past few weeks, many of the young lady’s fans have been very concerned about her health. In fact, some believe that Malone and Lewan’s mother is addicted to cosmetic surgery. Besides, others even think that Jess suffers from anorexia. In the comments under his Instagram photos, we can read the following messages: I have the impression that she is physically weak and that worries me“,” is she ok I think he is bad!” , or ” She looks sick… Irritated to read such comments, Marseilles explained healthy eating and playing sports! So she will not suffer from any eating disorder.

Jessica Thevenin: She only speaks French with her son Maillon!

A few years ago, Jessica Thivenin and her husband, Thibaut García, left France. In fact, all of his small family is now settled in Dubai. Also, the teachers at school speak English to her son Mylon. The little boy is therefore completely bilingual! But in a video, Jess explains that she doesn’t want to speak English with her son…

Young Mother says: “My English is boring. I’m always told that both languages ​​go well, not to mix the two… I speak French to my son, and people who need to speak English to him speak English… He juggles incredibly well. I only speak English to Mistress when she’s there so she can understand what I’m saying! Besides that, Jessica says she is making him learn Arabic as well.

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