February 26, 2024


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Jim Harbaugh wins the National Championship.  Is 'unfinished business' in the NFL next?

Jim Harbaugh wins the National Championship. Is 'unfinished business' in the NFL next?

Jim Harbaugh took his alma mater to the top of the college football mountain. Will he now try again to climb a bigger mountain?

With Michigan winning the national championship in his ninth year as the program's head coach, Harbaugh will certainly have interest in returning to the NFL. He suggested there was “unfinished business” in the pro game. He considers winning the Super Bowl a bigger deal than what he did tonight.

He has the potential to become one of the hot candidates for an NFL job. More exciting than he was in 2022, when he thought he would be hired by the Vikings, and in 2023, when he interviewed with the Broncos.

Last year, he wanted the Chargers job. But the Chargers made no difference. This time, the mission is open.

The Raiders are also looking for a coach. And that's where Harbaugh began his coaching career, more than 20 years ago as an assistant. Other teams are searching, such as the Commanders, Falcons and Panthers. Michigan would also be interested in keeping him. He will have more options than ever before.

And for good reason. He can coach, all right. He promptly turned the 49ers around in 2011. He is thriving in an NIL era that makes it difficult for players to put “me” aside and focus on “the team.”

Is it difficult to live with? Yes. There are a lot of great coaches. They are demanding. They are impatient. They want to win. They want to be surrounded by people who want to win as much as they do, and who will give as much as they give to the effort.

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Smart teams keep coaches like these, even if there are arguments, disagreements and tense moments. Michigan has kept him for nine years, despite the quirks, oddities and oddities that made it not always easy, fun and lighthearted.

Someone will want him in the NFL. If history holds, he will do well. once again.