February 25, 2024


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Jon Lovitz says the anti-Semitism he experienced in Hollywood ‘came from other Jews’

Jon Lovitz says the anti-Semitism he experienced in Hollywood ‘came from other Jews’

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Exclusive – Amid the growing rise in anti-Semitism in the wake of the October 7 attack against Israel, Jewish actor and comedian Jon Lovitz revealed that Hollywood has its own anti-Semitism problem.

“All the anti-Semitism I encountered in Hollywood came from other Jews,” Lovitz told Fox News Digital in an interview.

Lovitz began by explaining Hollywood’s Jewish origins. When Jewish immigrants from Europe like his grandparents came to America, they were largely excluded from the more profitable industries, but one “blockbuster” that many entered was Nickelodeon, and it quickly evolved into film. The industry that created Hollywood. In order to assimilate into America, many Jewish actors and filmmakers changed their names, he explained, citing Tony Curtis (born Bernard Schwartz) and John Garfield (born Jacob Garfinkelly) among examples.

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Jewish actor and comedian Jon Lovitz told Fox News Digital that the anti-Semitism he experienced in Hollywood came from other Jews. (Stephanie Keenan/Getty Images for TCM)

Lovitz then revealed how he “missed parts” due to his Jewish heritage, citing his disdain for Mike Nichols’ 2000 film “What Planet Are You From?”

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“I was supposed to do a movie with Garry Shandling and Garry, we were very close friends. They read the script, and he said, ‘Here’s your part, it’s a great part,'” Lovitz said. “Then they started making the movie, and I wasn’t in it.” It was Greg Kinnear.” “And I know Greg. Greg is a great guy, a good actor, a friend, you know. It is a nice. But I said, “What happened? I thought you said the role was mine.” And my manager Brad Gray, who is Jewish and is producing the film, said, “Well… [Nichols] I felt like you and Gary were a lot alike. I know Gary. “I’m nothing like Gary,” I say. I go, what are you doing? what are you talking about?’ And he says, “Well, you know.” I say: No, what? “You know, Jew,” he says. You are both Jewish. ‘You said what?!’ “And this is coming from Mike Nichols, who is Jewish.”

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What planet are you from?  hiring

Lovitz told Fox News Digital that he was replaced by Greg Kinnear (left) from Mike Nichols’ (right) 2000 film “What Planet Are You From?” Because he and Garry Shandling (center) were Jewish. (Getty Images)

“I’ve had other people say anti-Semitic things to me, who were Jewish and in show business, and it’s disgusting,” he added.

The “SNL” star went on to claim that he has never encountered anti-Semitism from any of his non-Jewish friends in Hollywood, calling it “very strange.”

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Lovitz noted that the phrase “the self-hating Jew” is widespread in Hollywood, but he told Fox News Digital that the “best example” is Senator Bernie Sanders, who expressed his opposition to Israel, describing it as “disgusting.”

“All my Jewish friends, like Bernie Sanders, the self-hating Jew. You know, what’s wrong with this guy? And that’s the thing. ‘Oh, that’s not true.’ “Yes, it is. Yes you are. “I don’t like people making money. It’s not right. They should only earn a lot. And then that’s enough.” Well, you have three houses. You should only have one home. “This is none of your business”.”