June 18, 2024


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Justin Fields says he’s ready to compete for the Steelers QB spot, and he’s not shocked by the trade

Justin Fields says he’s ready to compete for the Steelers QB spot, and he’s not shocked by the trade

“It wasn’t really a shock,” Fields told reporters. For every athlete. “I knew what was going to happen beforehand.”

Fields praised the Bears for how they handled the trade and tried to put a bow on a somewhat ignominious end to his time in Chicago.

“There’s been a lot of ups and downs, but overall, I value every relationship I’ve built, and all my teammates,” Fields said. Via ESPN.com. “They know that (I have) nothing but love for the city, the fans, my teammates and the old coaches.”

Fields said Pittsburgh was his preferred destination this offseason, and he allowed Bears general manager Ryan Poles that preference. But that door seemed closed when the Steelers signed Russell Wilson and still had former No. 1 starter Kenny Pickett on the roster. After Pickett was traded to the Eagles, Fields’ opportunity presented itself once again.

The fourth-year QB said he’s just happy to be “where I wanted to be,” even if it means he has to compete for a job this coming season. Wilson is the presumed starter, and there has been talk about using the fields on kickoff returns because of the new play rules.

But Fields doesn’t just let fate take control. He’s trying to take the starting job away from Wilson.

“I’m definitely competing,” Fields said Tuesday. “I think Russ knows that. We compete against each other every day. … He helps me get better, and we push each other.

So far, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said he likes what he’s seen from the QB duo, especially in the leadership department.

“They’re professionals, and I’m excited about that, but I’m not surprised about that,” Tomlin said Tuesday to ESPN.com. “There’s an expectation there. Both guys were franchise guys so to speak. They got out of their car in the morning and took on the responsibility of being that guy to get a franchise, so there’s a residual benefit from that and so on. I’m excited for us to get it.”