July 23, 2024


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Kate Beckinsale calls out BAFTA for 'cold email' about Stepdad's 'In Memoriam' setting

Kate Beckinsale calls out BAFTA for 'cold email' about Stepdad's 'In Memoriam' setting

Kate Beckinsale criticizes the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for its “cold” approach to the “In Memoriam” section at the upcoming awards ceremony.

in Instagram share On Wednesday, the actor criticized the British Media Association for how it handled an inquiry into the inclusion of stepfather Roy Battersby in its 2024 honour. Battersby died last week at the age of 87.

“BAFTA told me today that they cannot guarantee his inclusion in their memorial tribute, to honor members of the industry we have lost,” Beckinsale wrote alongside a photo of Battersby holding the Academy's Alan Clarke Award, which he received. In 1996 for his outstanding contribution to television.

“So, a man who died less than a week later would have to somehow be put to the test before a committee after decades of professional work (for which he had been awarded their highest honor by the aforementioned organization) to decide whether his death was worthy of mention or not. If it was his work, his life His career, his mentorship, his heart and his soul are worth remembering. He is gone.”

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Kate Beckinsale was pictured at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards. She had a sharp reaction after receiving a “cold” message about the whereabouts of her late stepfather in a “remembrance” segment at the Baftas.

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She added: “This… broke my heart again,” explaining that she felt “paralyzed” and “sick.”

“I will honor him and his work every day of my life,” she said.

In a statement following Beckinsale's participation at BAFTA She made her position clear In honor of Battersby, who directed episodes of television series such as “Cracker,” “Between the Lines,” “Inspector Morse,” and “A Touch of Frost.”

She assured people that Battersby would be remembered by the association, saying: “We were very sorry to hear of the recent passing of Roy Battersby – he was such a famous and pioneering director.”

He continued: “We can confirm that he will be honored at the upcoming BAFTA Television Awards in May, and in the In Memoriam section of our website.”

The prestigious British Academy Film Awards, commonly referred to as the BAFTAs, are scheduled to be handed out on February 18. The UK television industry is celebrated at a separate ceremony in the spring.

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