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Kate Middleton’s latest look had a small detail that might have been a jab at Meghan Markle and Rose Hanbury

Kate Middleton’s latest look had a small detail that might have been a jab at Meghan Markle and Rose Hanbury

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If you are obsessed Kate Middleton Fashion as it is now, chances are you noticed her new look on June 20th. As patron of the National Portrait Gallery, Kate arrived at the gallery’s reopening party on June 20. Portrait look, fans immediately noticed her shoes: the Aquazzura suede lace-up shoes (Also known as heel wear Meghan Markle And Rose Hanbury)! This subtlety divided the internet, with some convinced that this was a jab.

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And in retrospect, no, it probably wasn’t such a slam dunk, but we’ll break down the situation for you.

If you’re a loyal royal fan (and especially a royal fashion nerd), you probably recognized these shoes right away. Kate first appeared in these shoes at the Prime Ministers Lunch before the coronation of King Charles III. But before that, they were known as Megan heelsAnd, just days after Kate showed up with these shoes in her closet, Hanbury wore them to the… coronation.

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When this happened, an all-out conspiracy war began on the Internet, with fans convinced this was a cover-up Fashion a fight between the three.

Since then, we haven’t seen any of them wear the iconic heel yet, and many think it’s a subtle jab at Meghan and Hanbury. Cryptic phrase “I win,” if you can. daily Mail He threw more flames into the fire by calling the story “Copy-Kate Stacks Again! The Princess of Wales once again wears the £645 Aquazura heel favored by Meghan Markle for the reopening of the National Portrait Gallery.”

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However, there are more people in the group who say, “They are Kate’s favorite brand of shoes; she only wears them because they match.” one fan wrote“They are Aquazzura shoes, not Meghan Markles shoes. She designed them, not loaned them to Katherine 🥴.”

It is true that they are one of them Favorite shoe brands. for every Kate Middleton Style Blogowns more than six pairs, and even the brand’s creative director Edgardo Osorio owns them He paid tribute to the Princess of Wales On multiple occasions to wear the brand.

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