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Keys to a Successful English LLCER Special

Isabel Arnaud – English teacher

To be a successful year, you must first be sure of yourself Orientation. The attraction to languages ​​can often come from an interest in the music, a sport (American football, basketball, baseball, etc.) or the lines of a series. desire Understand, integrate and immerse Anglo-Saxon culture often involves personal sensitivity.

Isabel Arnaud agrees that these are “Students who want to learn languages ​​and Meet new cultures. All of them Linguists ; They like spelling, combining, grammar, etc. in any language. “

LLCER and LLCER AMC, do not confuse!

English LLCER Special mainly a Study the classic letters On the contrary LLCER AMC (Contemporary World English) Dealing with more current subjects, often in a “spoken” language. License LEA, A Business School Or tertiary BTS, English LLCER specialized in Anglo-Saxon literature and culture. In general, LLCER students continue Named license Isabel Arnaud mentions. This leads to Translation, Teaching, Interpretation… more literary industries.

If you want Reinforced English Lessons But not interested in foreign literature, then read the whole works AMC Special Fits you well.

Do not miss

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The show has two themes: “Imagination” and “Meeting”.

Themes change and modify, depending on the language selected in the LLCER. The English teacher explains: ” These themes allowExplore the diversity of English-speaking world literature and culture across scenes and works. That is, the two words “imagination” and “encounter” can erase works and Anglo-Saxon culture. “

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There is a limited program with three complete works to read (2 literature and 1 film). If you want to make a little progress, you can consult, start reading, observe, listen to these works … For Dystopia Lovers, Books George Orwell Being in the project, you can see their adaptation. Analysis of the art of painting and in this case, works Bank Can read. You can find all the jobs recommended by the Ministry here.

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The hunger for languages ​​and discipline will be your allies

The working pattern has not changed from previous years and Isabel Arnaud wants to assure you: “Nothing to worry about, the teachers are preparing future bachelorette holdersDocument analysis Portrait, movie, music or text. “ There are even Formal sheets On the Studyrama website. “Students have already studied these different forms during school in different subjects (history-geography, French …) and they have become accustomed to them and they will deepen the system with their teachers.”

Apparently, LLCER in English, Linguistic basics are not included. The authors assume you have one B2 position at the end of the premiere And you achieve one End of terminal C1 of the terminal. After graduation, the spoken and written language should be rich and accurate.

If you feel a gap between your level and other students, don’t worry. Stress is not a friend unless it is positive and motivating. Teachers are trained to take into account the diversity and diversity of students. “We implement what we call showing, which means we have to tell students the help we do.” Isabel Arnaud mentions.

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Qualities and assets for success

The qualities that help you in English LLCER specialization are yours Taste to read and your adaptation Because learning languages Mix with another culture like chameleon. Have some Editorial qualities And will be Speak comfortably Is a real plus for excelling in the field.

The Sinking trips It is recommended to polish your language level. Not all high schools offer them, especially from a health crisis. However, the plan Erasmus Is from high school and offers a number of grants, especially financial.

The Continuous speech and communication (Discussions, discussions …) as well as studying English topics is a good exercise to return to LLCER. On the advice of Isabel Arnaud, Interest in Anglo-Saxon culture, Not limited to the UK and US is a real plus. In fact, there are many English – speaking countries: South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Hong Kong … “

“In order to enrich their culture in the language, students need to be interested and know the best historical events and literary movements of the countries mentioned above.” Magazines like “The Guardian” are great to be around.International News In English. “

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Fill your file and prepare your oral

Your author explains to you at the beginning of the first year of the file constitution. This includes the terminal cycle (Premier + Terminal) and students select the works they have read. There are 4 selected works total : An integrated work (It is necessary to select the columns), A literary text, a pictorial work, and a non-literary text (An article for example).

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Oral is divided into two parts: 10 minute presentation and 10 minute questions.

Performed orally, the referee is waiting for you to know Justify the works you have chosen and the file has internal logic. “This means that we must always keep support parallel to the problem.”. Evaluation criteria Communication during oral skills, knowledge, argument and questions. Finally, it is a question of knowing better Manage stress, The final role of the oral presentation.

Bach: Are you created for specialized languages, literatures and foreign and regional cultures? Take the test to find out!

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