May 18, 2022


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Kyle Shanahan hasn’t spoken to Depo Samuel in ‘two weeks’

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49ers have a problem with the receiver Debo Samuel. They know that. We know that.

They know, and we know now, that the guy who shoots hasn’t had a phone call with Deebo since he announced his order for the trade.

Speaking to reporters Friday night, Shanahan said, “I haven’t spoken to Debo for two weeks.”

Shanahan was not asked the next question. why not? He probably tried, and Debo wouldn’t answer the phone. This would be significant, if Debo was constantly avoiding his head coach.

However, Shanahan expressed optimism that things will work out. He provided no details other than, “Just because I think we can.”

“You can do anything,” Shanahan added.

He’s right, but the problem is that the problem occurred. There was nothing to work on, now there is. Supposedly, 49-year-olds said or did something — or failed to say or do something — not only contributed to Debo feeling upset, but decided he wanted out.

“Hopefully, when this whole thing is said and done, we’ll get the Niners’ best thing, Deebo’s opponent’s best thing, and hopefully it will be the same,” Shanahan said. “I hope you settle down now after this draft.”

Although Shanahan refused to go into his reasons for wanting Debo, Shanahan later said something that may have been an unintentional blurring of the truth. Use the phrase “especially in contract cases,” which indicates that the problem—or at least 49 people think the problem is—Samuel’s contract.

If true, it can be fixed if they give him enough to change his mind. Of course, if it was a contractual case, his anger undoubtedly came from an offer he thought was too low to be insulting. Whatever, whoever and whenever, something has to happen to get Deebo in the right mindset to let go of the past and not want to go away anymore.

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