February 26, 2024


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L1 LLCER English: Prepare for your 2023 school year

L1 LLCER English: Prepare for your 2023 school year

Training – back to school

L1 LLCER English: Prepare for your 2023 school year

You coordinate 1D Year of English degree (LLCRPesach University website for 2023-2024?

Use the summer to prepare for your university entrance

It’s important to take advantage of the summer months to ensure some basic vocabulary, grammar, and coordination, and to make progress in studying, to anticipate the significant amount of work you’ll need from the first weeks of the school year. Many works are studied throughout the year.

See the list 2023 Summer Homework and Prep Readings

You can see below Student Guide It will give you information about the progress of your training.

Participate in back-to-school meetings

Compulsory presence of all students including repeaters:

appointment For your preschool meeting:
Thursday, September 7, 2023
1:30pm to 3:30pm at A700 Amphitheater

Presentation of subjects and time tables
Bring something to take notes with

Summer Homework for L1 at Agen University site

2023 Back to School

Agen: Summer Readings for Prospective 1st Year Undergraduate Students in L1 LEA English-Spanish and Post-University Site in L1 LCE English.

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