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'Lazy', 'dishonest'… Pogba slammed for doping ban by English football legend

'Lazy', 'dishonest'… Pogba slammed for doping ban by English football legend

British football legend and now consultant to the English press, Graeme Souness has responded to Paul Pogba's four-year ban for doping. The ex-Liverpool coach admitted he was saddened by the French midfielder's situation, which has been one of the biggest wastes in recent years.

If some people refuse to shoot at an ambulance, Graeme Souness is not one of them. Former Liverpool coach Paul Pogba did not hesitate to push him the day after announcing his lengthy doping ban. The Juventus and France midfielder received a four-year prison sentence after testing positive for testosterone, but will soon appeal the ban. The Frenchman continues to insist that he did not knowingly use the banned substance.

Now a consultant Daily Mail, Graeme Souness published a scathing editorial against 'La Pioche' this Friday. If Paul Pogba doesn't understand why he needs to increase his testosterone, “as if he doesn't have enough athleticism”, the former Scottish player and coach admits there is “one sadness” in learning punishment in his mid-30s.

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Pogba accused him of wasting his career.

Pity about the Frenchman who seems to be settling scores soon. During his second spell at Manchester United, Graeme Souness reiterated all the bad things he thought about the environment and why, in his view, he ruined his career despite his extraordinary energy and skills.

“His dishonesty and his low level of effort always frustrated me,” said the Liverpool legend.

“Obviously, he was lazy. Someone with the immense talent he had had to play in a way that would be remembered as one of the best players in the world long after he left the stage.” Before adding the more obvious: “He ruined his life instead.”

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According to Souness, Pogba is at the top too early

Paul Pogba, who was quickly branded as a future great, started well before leaving France for Manchester United. Among the Red Devils, the French midfielder's ability was unquestionable, and when he excelled at Juventus, it didn't really surprise Graeme Souness.

But France's crowning glory at the 2018 World Cup put an end to Pogba's best and came too early in his career, referee Scott said.

Clever with the Blues and well guided by Didier Deschamps' staff during the tournament in Russia, Paul Pogba later “settled into an armchair without fully acknowledging his role as a team player”. Clearly, Paul Pogba's problem – for whoever coached Benfica after Galatasaray or the Reds – must have developed at a very high level very quickly.

“I think he lost it (for football) after winning the World Cup,” continued Graeme Souness. “[…] Wealth. the glory Winning is the biggest thing you can win in football. That means he was resting on his laurels.

And the adviser concluded: “He's 30 and we'll never see him at the top level again. A very sad end to the career of someone who had the world at his feet and who we'll still be talking about. 20, 30 or 40 years.”

Jean-Guy Lebreton Journalist RMC Sport

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