June 22, 2024


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Le Creuset.  100% English option for students

Le Creuset. 100% English option for students

Since the beginning of the academic year in January, a new option has been opened on the Le Creusot University site: the international option referred to Circular Economy. Entirely in English, the latter will train about ten students from January to March in adapting businesses to environmental issues.

The international option, set up by Florence Marty, deputy director of IUT du Creusot, and Alice Meriaudeau, responsible for the site's international relations, brings together undergraduate and postgraduate students. Thanks to the small number of students, this course offers a practical approach to environmental subjects. So, in January, students made a sketch about the circular economy to familiarize themselves with it, and visited the Michelin company to discover its environmentally responsible practices.

Thanks to the variety of formats provided, students work on their English both orally and in writing. Classroom interventions by experts touch on various subjects: planetary boundaries, digital pollution, environmental design, etc. In total, 15 hours of training before the final session on March 22, where a team challenge will allow everyone to put the knowledge gained into practice. It will bring together Creusotin students at IUT and about twenty international students as part of the FORTHEM joint short movement project “Exploring the Circular Economy in Burgundy”.

International Interest Circular Economy is supported by the NCU RITM-BFC project with reference ANR-17-NCUN-0003.

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