May 21, 2024


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LE CREUSOT: Do you prefer English and/or American breakfast?

LE CREUSOT: Do you prefer English and/or American breakfast?

The coaches and trainers at the GRETA 71 site in Montcenis Le Creusot clearly appreciated them. Nothing is missing, even the decor is appropriate!

Cindy LaRue and Sarah Ronchi-Ayat are alternating between “Administrative Assistant” training, the first at Thermodyne and the second at CAUE. And this is 18 months before the June exam.
On the other hand, March 27 to April 1 is Language Week organized by National Education. So Cindy and Sarah are determined to carry out the plan to “organize an English/American breakfast.”
Initially, the project’s objectives were linguistic with research in English and French on the origins and history of English and American breakfast foods. Both trainees carried out a simulation of requests for quotes from shops and reported to their trainee over the phone. Asking for directions, shopping by name of products, polite formulas and classic dialogues, all conversations were done in the language of Shakespeare.

On the other hand, Cindy and Sarah have presented their organizational skills together with another training group in communication support to achieve digital support through menus, posters, official invitations and a bilingual brochure. They created a budget and progress schedule for the tasks so that the event would be delivered on time.
Mission accomplished for Sarah and Cindy, the third project after “Les Portes Overdes du Greta” and “Petit Degeuner des Enterprises”.


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