February 25, 2024


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Learn English while immersed in a family from Occitania

Learn English while immersed in a family from Occitania

A different approach to learning English. This is what the “Langues en immersion” leaders propose. With an English-speaking family, the company offers to spend several days in the Occitanie area. Two-hour lessons a day in the program, but to better integrate Shakespeare’s language, the benefit of living with them 24 hours a day.

Let’s face it. There is a real problem with learning the French language. Teaching, reluctance. In short, this is not our strong point. And some language trips will not change the situation. This is the observation of the members of “Langues en immersion” which provides a level of feedback. “It was my mother Claude who started the idea. She was an English teacher. She lived in Lot at the time and felt she had to do something for all the English people living in the area,” Guillaume Hérail smiles.

24 hours with family

“We offer a practical solution. Instead of going to the UK, with a host family we do not know much about, we arrange to sink with the Anglo-Saxon family, in the Occitani region, for one or two weeks. Every two years we selectively visit and find out if everything is working as best as possible.” The boss adds. An idea worked exactly in the Govt era. It is true that this period was favorable for our company.

The aim is to fully integrate with the family in both dinner, leisure and culture when the young person takes two hours of lessons a day. That’s how we move forward. ” However, we look forward to new activities, “Guillo added.” We do not care too much about “immersive languages.” Here, it’s serious. “We work with adults too. Here, too, we are here to restore their oral trust. Many say they do not dare to speak in groups for fear of making a mistake. With us, it’s the opposite. We are there, so they learn in the best possible way, quietly, without pressure from others, “concludes Miriam.” This is a very interesting approach. Also, the relationship between families and the learner lasts longer than the duration of the internship. They send each other Christmas cards and look at each other again. We want these links to be more than just learning, but real knowledge of people and their culture, ”Guillo concludes.

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