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Learning English: At Sées, students are assisted by two assistants

Learning English: At Sées, students are assisted by two assistants

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schools Louise Fortonthere Laundry and college story Welcome to Sées (Orne) for two assistants of language English

Maria Muduri And Robin Musson New English language assistants at Louis Forton and La Lavanderie schools and Conte College. Arriving from Kenya and England at the end of September 2023, working with students from preschool to third grade.

Their visit is an opportunity for students to discover other cultures and practice English Plays albumsof Games And Workshops.

Learning English makes sense

Natage Magar, The teacher of La Lavanderie School notes that “the children are always happy to see Robin come and it is a real asset to intensive training classes that can benefit from the support of an English-speaking person. The language and cultural aspect. It gives meaning to the English language learning done in class.

A book club

to college, Mrs. KobeAn English teacher suggests a reading club with Maria over tea.

This club is a moment of exchange and Maria’s presence delights every member. It is a valuable aid to improve pronunciation fluency in a user-friendly manner.

Kobe, English Teacher Ms

Maria Muduri also offers “conversational lunches”. So, students who want to can share their meals in English with an assistant and their friends, “just practice English informally outside of class,” says English teacher Muriel Bingyon.

An inter-organizational project around a formulation TV news And in progress.

Videos: Currently on Actu

CM students and 6th graders from Forton School work on reports and interviews, an opportunity for them to take on the roles of reporters and journalists. Librarian Professor Martin Gibbon will support faculty in implementing the project.

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