June 18, 2024


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Learning English at the British Council has never been easier

Learning English at the British Council has never been easier

The British Council invited VAADEN to share its teaching promise: “ Learning English can be simple » The company has produced three authentic videos in which each of us can identify. Videos” Suitable for English » It will motivate lazy people to take action!

As a reminder, the British Council is a government agency of the United Kingdom. His mission? Establishing cultural links, particularly between the United Kingdom and other countries. Its current president is Christopher Rodriguez. The organization is headquartered in London and has affiliates in 110 countries.

What if speaking English was easier than we thought?

The British Council is a British international organization responsible for educational exchanges and cultural relations. Its mission is to build connections, understanding and trust between the British people and countries around the world.

To reinforce its message and position itself as a world expert in English teaching, VAADEN, in collaboration with the organization, produced a series of advertisements for its social media communications. From design to post-production, the company presented three videos, available in three different formats for all applications.

Photo credit: VAADEN

Note that the close collaboration between the agency and the British Council allowed for an impactful and original result… allowing the brand to differentiate itself from its competition and reinforce its strong message.

As a reminder, VAADEN is a Paris-based multi-format content creation company. He creates relevant, effective, unique videos that embody meaning and emotion to support brands’ communication challenges. The agency wants to build its collaboration over time – with brands from all walks of life.

VAADEN is an ecosystem of talent to create without limits and adapt to all types of projects: designers, art directors, graphic designers, illustrators, motion designers, filmmakers, directors, photographers, composers, voice…

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