April 22, 2024


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Les Tourists – “I Cry With Laughter”, “Myth”: Pooder’s English Level Excites Internet Users

Les Tourists – “I Cry With Laughter”, “Myth”: Pooder’s English Level Excites Internet Users

Pooder had some difficulty speaking Shakespeare’s language when he had to serve a foreign client.

This Friday, May 27th, Arthur will be presenting his show “Les Tourists” on TF1. During this edition, guests will be staying at a luxury hotel in Versailles to serve customers. Sometimes a complex task for those who are forced to speak English. Language that is not always perfectly practical … especially for comedian Pooder.

It made people laugh so much. This Friday, May 27th, Arthur Offers “Les Touristes” on TF1. The show features guests from Virginie Hocq, Booder, Claude Tagbo, Chris Marques, Cartman and Issa Doumbia. They stay in a luxury hotel nearby Versailles Castle Has become accustomed to serving customers, being petty and getting the best. The winners of each event will receive a badge: the highest recipient will be the big winner and their name will be on the restaurant menu. The director of the organization Stéphanie Rambaud will guide the participants during their work. Last yearThe show hosted other such guests Ahmed Sulla Or Iris Mittenaire.

Video. Arthur’s minute

But in the midst of their difficulties, you have to speak English according to foreign clients. And this is not the specialty of all the participants … for example this is the position of the comedian. Pooder, Who participated last year and happily returned. His English was not really perfect, but above all, internet users recognized each other and laughed a lot at the situation.

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