July 14, 2024


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Limited edition Stanley cups cause chaos at Starbucks, Target

Limited edition Stanley cups cause chaos at Starbucks, Target

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The hottest Valentine's Day gift of the year, an exclusive set of Stanley mugs in limited-edition colors Cosmo Pink and Target Red, has arrived and has sold out statewide just days after its launch.

Whether it's the limited edition Valentine's Day colors or… Starbucks' newly released pink winter editionStores were filled with shoppers this week eager to get their hands on the coveted water bottles. The mugs retail for $45, and they are out of stock At all targeted locations in Michigan.

Lines formed outside Target stores in Rockford, Illinois, hours before they opened People tried hard to get their hands on the bottles on the launch day.

In California, people I waited in line in the rain Out at Target in the Fresno Valley hoping to get at least one of these limited edition coolers. While in Arizona The TikTok app went viral for a small crowd crowding into cups While employees tried to control the crowd.

Cups now They appear on retail websites Like eBay and Poshmark for over $100.

Stanley was founded in 1913 as The first ever steel sealed bottle The forest green thermos with removable cup lip has become a staple item for every outdoorsman and camper. Social media trends brought Stanley back into the spotlight last year when teens started to reclaim the moisturizing trend.

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The Stanley 40-ounce water bottle has a handle, straw, and small base designed to fit perfectly in standard cup holders. One of the most popular gifts for Generation Z Christmas this year.

Some experts say the only thing that fluctuates more than the economy is water bottle trends.

Stanley's revenue jumped from $74 million in 2019 to $750 million in 2023, according to CNBC. mentionedthanks in large part to the success of Stanley's “Quencher” line.

In November 2023, a video was posted on TikTok of Stanley cup survives car fireWith the ice indoors, it received 92.4 million views. Even Stanley's boss Terence Riley watched the video, and responded by explaining that Stanley's cars were “built for life.” By giving the woman a new car.

Spurred by social media fire, the brand's launch of Valentine's Day-themed pink and red hues appeared in Target stores on Monday — and chaos ensued.

While market experts predict that the popular trend will quickly fade away, The company told Retail Dive that it is focused on continuous renewal To maintain the fan base that has grown.