April 20, 2024


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Liz Ford, Language First Aid – Cieux (87520)

Liz Ford, Language First Aid – Cieux (87520)

Accustomed to the sometimes complex language of administration – she worked at the University of Cambridge – the Englishwoman Liz Ford chose the art of defusing the dangers of the French language in the service of her fellow citizens living on our soil.

Liz Ford created a bilingual site called “French Matters” to help with administrative procedures not only for Brits struggling with Brexit, but also for other expats who are more comfortable with English than French.

Born in England, Liz Ford spent part of her childhood in France. Bilingual, she has dual citizenship and has bought a second home in Cieux with her English husband.

Paradise life after Cambridge

After spending 30 years at Cambridge, where she worked organizing university examinations and seminars, she decided to settle in France in agreement with her husband.

Covid and Brexit have indeed complicated life for many in Haute-Vienna who travel between France and the United Kingdom. From its www.french-matters.eu site, it now manages procedures with administrations and banks for tourist or resident visas, which are now necessary, unlocking rights to health insurance, residence, work and driving permits, a full set of restrictions. The Fords had to cross over when they settled in France.

Guide-interpreter in French administration, it's a job!

Haute-Vienne, along with Charente and Dordogne, is one of the regions where the majority of British nationals live and who have left the region after Brexit. An avid hiker and mountain biker, Liz Ford never regrets for a moment her choice to live in the town of Sioux at the foot of the Monts de Blancs.

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