May 21, 2024


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LoL patch 14.8 early notes: Voidgrub buffs, Mordekaiser changes, and more

LoL patch 14.8 early notes: Voidgrub buffs, Mordekaiser changes, and more

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League of Legends patch 14.8 brings new changes to the MOBA, including buffs to the Voidgrubs neutral jungle target and changes to Mordekaiser.

The latest patch for League of Legends is arriving soon, bringing big changes to Riot's beloved MOBA. Update 14.8 will bring some changes to the game, including buffs to the Voidgrubs neutral forest target and more.

When will League Patch 14.8 be released?

League of Legends Patch 14.8 is expected to launch on April 17, 2024, according to Riot's patch schedule. Patch 14.8 will go to the Oceanic servers first, with other servers receiving it slowly throughout the day.

Here are the key timings for patch 14.8 for your server:

  • 3 a.m. PT (unavailable)
  • 5 AM GMT (EU)
  • 3 AM CET (Europe)
  • 8 AM KST (Korea)

There will be a few hours of downtime when the patch begins, and matchmaking queues will be taken offline approximately three hours early.

What changed in LoL Patch 14.8?

Voidgrub buffs

Voidgrubs are receiving a few buffs in Patch 14.8 as Riot wants to further prioritize them as a neutral jungle target. This includes more damage through the Touch of the Void buff and a lower number of killed Voidgrubs to summon on the path.

Early LoL Patch 14.8 notes



Q: Blur

  • Cooldown reduced: 4-9 seconds >>> 4-8 seconds

That is: death grip

  • Base damage reduced: 80-140 >>> 70-130



  • Void Touch damage per stack increased: 6/3 >>> 8/4
  • The number of stacks required to summon Void Grub has been reduced: 5 >>> 4
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