March 3, 2024


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Luzon.  Speaking English becomes easier with Daisy

Luzon. Speaking English becomes easier with Daisy

Three questions…

Daisy Girard, An English teacher who creates an appointment for conversations in English.

Why conversations in English?

I experienced this activity in Mareuil and Sainte-Hermine. Being from Luzon, it seemed natural to me to offer this activity in Luzon as well. During this time, in small groups of a maximum of six people, let everyone speak, get comfortable and confident in speaking English, but expand their vocabulary.

for whom

These conversation hours are open to high school students who want to improve orally, as well as working people or retirees who want to return to or maintain their frequent academic English, usually with the aim of becoming more comfortable during overseas vacations, business trips. Or when you have family abroad.

How does that happen?

Conversations are group based, in a friendly spirit. I can suggest a theme or fun activities. Depending on the discussion, I will provide additional vocabulary and grammar.

Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm, Boulevard Pelephone, Audicens, from February 8. By booking on 06 76 21 02 58. Price: €15 for one session, €140 for ten.

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