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LVB subjects in Bac Pro 2023 – English, Spanish, German, Italian

LVB subjects in Bac Pro 2023 – English, Spanish, German, Italian


Subjects Revised bac pro LVB bac pro 2023: English, Spanish, German, Italian © Adobe Stock


Student content cellPublished on May 11, 2023

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The subjects of Modern Language Back Pro 2 (LVP) exam will be available on the student website after the release of the exam. Regardless of the language (English, Spanish, German or Italian) chosen by final year students for this course, they can be consulted online after the exam.

Find out here Subjects of all Undergraduate Examinations in Modern Language B (LVB) outTest on June 23, 2023 : English, Spanish, German or Italian lessons.

Subjects of the bac pro LVB test (English, Spanish, German, Italian) – June 23, 2023

LVB language test in Professional Bachelor It will be held on Friday afternoon, June 23, from 2 to 3 p.m. The Means of Bach test Varies according to the language chosen by the student: English, German, Spanish or Italian.

Purpose of the test Compulsory Modern Language b The Vocational Baccalaureate is a 1-hour exam that assesses your understanding of language or your use of writing.

For undergraduate students, the Living Language Test Coefficient 2 2 for most Pak Pro (in service specialties, the coefficient is 3).

While waiting for professional bachelor degree results, consult Subjects of Bach Pro’s LVP test English, German, Italian and Spanish below:

Subject of LVB English Professional Bachelor Exam 2023

Upcoming topic

Subject of LVB German 2023 Professional Bachelor Exam

Upcoming topic

LVB Spanish Session 2023 Subject of Professional Baccalaureate Examination

Upcoming topic

2023 Professional Bachelor Exam Life Language B Italian

Upcoming topic

All subjects are fixed for 2023

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